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Quantina Bitcoin Indicator


  • Generates BUY / SELL Signals for easy to use: You do not need to read or understand market trend lines on indicators. Quantina Bitcoin Indicator shows a little Red Arrow for SELL and a little Green Arrow for the BUY entry points above- and under - the actual bars.
  • (Green = Bullish Trend , Red = Bearish Trend). Measured Signal Strength also has written on the chart for advanced traders.
  • Working on every known currency pairs: It's working on major-, minor-, and cross - pairs too. Also, Quantina Bitcoin forex indicator can be used for Gold, Silver and Oil pairs.
  • Self-Adjusting for adapting new market condition: If the market condition changes, indicator can change the main formulas for new calculation. In this case you do not need to optimise them for time to time.

How to use:

  • Red line: Short Signals (sell trend)
  • Green line: Long Trend (buy trend)
  • Higher timeframe is more accurate (H1, H4, D1 )
  • Read the strength number at trend / colour changing to compare previous signal. (higher number stringer trend)


  • Special Signal Sensitivity: true/false - able to adjust Buy/Sell signal frequency with sensitivity values.
  • BUY Signal Sensitivity: Negative Value between (-20 - 0) Default is -0.001. Higher number gives you more trading signals. -X.XXXX
  • SELL Signal Sensitivity: Positive Value between (0 - 20) Default is 20. Smaller number gives you more trading signals. Y.YYYY
  • Alert Enabled: Trading Alert settings. true/false, valid for every alert method below, including MT4 popup alert.
  • Push Notification Enabled: true/false. Trading Alert for your smart phone if you connected your phone with MT4.
  • Email Alert Enabled: true/false. Trading Alert to your email address if you set it by MT4.
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