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Quantina Multi Indicator Reader

Quantina Multi Indicator Reader can analyse up to 12 most popular and commonly used together indicators in seconds on any timeframe, on any currency pair, stocks or indices.

On the chart panel you can easily read each indicators default meanings and also there is an Indicators Summary on panel.


  • 1 file only: Quantina Multi Indicator Reader is 1 file only. No need to install other indicators to work. It is using the built-in indicators from MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  • Detailed Alert Message: Pop up alert function can be switched on/off. Alert message includes a customisable unique ID, Currency pair, indicators summa like buy/sell/neutral, actual price, customisable calculated Target and Stoploss price, timeframe, and actual server time.
  • Customisable Indicator parameters: each indicator parameters customisable.
  • Easy to read panel on chart.


  • FixID: Name for the pop up alert messages to know which indicator it is.
  • SL: default StopLoss value in pips for calculating exact price for you in alert message.
  • TP: default TakeProfit value in pips for calculating exact price for you in alert message.
  • AlertEnabled: Switch Pop Up Alert function ON/OFF
  • RSI_Period: RSI indicator - Relative Strength Index parameter - period
  • RSI_OB: RSI indicator overbought level
  • RSI_OS: RSI indicator oversold level
  • Stoch: Stochastic Indicator Parameters
  • StochRSI: Stochastic and Relative Strength Index indicators joint use parameters
  • MACD: Famous Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator parameters
  • ADX: Average Directional Index indicators parameters
  • WPR: William Percentage Range parameters
  • CCI: Commodity Channel Index indicators parameters
  • ATR: Average True Range indicator parameters
  • HighsLows: High - Low Index parameters
  • UO: Ultimate Oscillator Indicator parameters
  • UO_OB: Ultimate Oscillator Indicator Over Bought level parameter
  • UO_OS: Ultimate Oscillator Indicator Over Sold level parameter
  • ROC_Period: Rate of Change or price rate of change indicator parameter
  • Bull/Bears_period: Bulls and Bears Power Indicator parameter
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