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The fully automated Yellow EA works on short-term trend changes creating the price "corridor" set in the parameters. Trading is carried out at the external borders of this corridor by opening positions in different directions with different lot sizes.

StopLoss can be optionally set in parameters by user.

Yellow is intended for trading any currency pair on the M5 timeframe.

It does not work on metals and symbols "beyond Forex" because of the specificity of used indicators.

Not martingale, not arbitrage.


  • EAMagic10 - the magic number of the EA.
  • StrategyBlock1 - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA uses the 1-st block of strategies in trading.
  • StrategyBlock2 - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA uses the 2-nd block of strategies in trading.
  • AutoLot - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA selects the lot size for trading depending on the balance value.
  • Lots - lot size is set by a user, if the value of AutoLot is false.
  • Risk - percentage of the deposit used for the automatic calculation of the lot.
  • DD - maximum allowed drawdown.
  • CommentOfOrder - comment to orders. Can take any value.
  • TakeProfitInPoints - take profit in points.
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points. If StopLoss=0, stop loss is not used in trading.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop in points.
  • ZeroPositions - if true, the EA opens positions only if there are no other open positions on the trading account.
  • LotMult2way - lot multiplier for the next opened position.
  • AutoPriceCorridor - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA determines parameter MaxPriceCorridor automatically.
  • MaxPriceCorridor - value of the price corridor in points for Yellow to open positions, if parameter AutoPriceCorridor=false;
  • PipsOfIncrement - expansion of the price corridor when exiting an unprofitable position.
  • ClosePreviousPositions - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA closes previous positions on the same currency pair before opening new positions and ignores the StopLoss parameter.

The recommended settings are set by default.

Recommended broker - any 5-digit broker.

For the correct operation of the EA, the currency pair history for the H1 timeframe should be fully downloaded to the terminal.

Backtest screenshots are provided below.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a successful trading!

2017.12.21 22:17 

I have test Yellow Free and i bought Yellow. Good AE, little DD and good profit. Thanks

Miki L
2017.08.31 12:54 

ON TEST working good!

Good job!

Version 4.4 - 2018.02.14
Option of manual selection of price corridor was added.
Version 4.1 - 2018.01.11
Now, the price corridor is detected automatically.
Version 4.0 - 2017.11.29
One more strategy of opened orders management was added - ClosePreviousPositions parameter.
Version 3.1 - 2017.09.20
Added new strategies.
Added new parameters.
Changed the working timeframe.
Version 3.0 - 2017.09.15
Version 3.0 doesn't create additional files on your computer.
Version 2.0 - 2017.09.15
Added ability to trade a bigger lot size.