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Martin Channel

Warning, Martingale

The EA places two pending BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders at a specified distance from the price with a specified take profit. After the first order is opened, the EA places an opposite order mathematically calculates the volume of the opposite order to take the specified profit value, with consideration of the specified price channel.

The EA will mathematical calculate the lot size for all subsequent pending orders until the specified profit is reached.

A good example of the EA application is news trading, with the trading start time set before the news release.


  • Show comment (true/false) - show/hide the EA comments.
  • Magic – magic number for orders of the EA.
  • Profit - profit in pips (for 5-digit quotes) at which all orders will be closed.
  • Channel - price channel in pips (for 5-digit quotes) for placing pending orders.
  • Lot - lot size.
  • StartHour - the EA operation time.
  • StartMin - the EA operation time.
  • EndHour - the EA operation time.
  • EndMin - the EA operation time.
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