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Labor is a technical analysis indicator defining trend direction and power, as well as signaling a trend change.

The indicator is based on a modified EMA (Exponential Moving Average) with an additional smoothing filter.

The indicator works on any timeframe.

The uptrend is shown as a blue line, while a downtrend - as a red one.

Close a short position and open a long one if the line color changes from red to blue.

Close a long position and open a short one if the line color changes from blue to red.

Use a small stop loss to protect against false signals.

The indicator's Inputs tab allows you to select:

  • the indicator period;
  • the smoothing filter degree.

The Colors tab allows you to select the line color, width and style.


  • period - number of bars used for the indicator calculation;
  • filter - smoothing filter degree.
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