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BF Dozer

The Expert Advisor has been created and tested on the EURJPY currency pair. It works based on round price levels, on any timeframe, in both directions at the same time.


The BF Dozer EA simultaneously opens two opposite positions at the round price levels. It uses averaging and martingale methods in its trading.

To stop the EA operation, disable the "Buy" and "Sell" parameters in the settings, move all positions to breakeven using the "Buy to breakeven" and "Sell to breakeven" buttons in the information panel of the EA located on the chart.


  • Buy - enable/disable buy deals;
  • Sell - enable/disable sell deals;
  • Lot - initial lot size;
  • Modifier Lot - lot multiplier;
  • Take Profit - take profit;
  • Slipping - slippage;
  • Spread - average spread for the currency pair;
  • Maximum amount orders - the maximum number of open orders in the same direction;
  • Magic number - identification number of the orders;
  • Information - account information;
  • The date of the beginning - initial date for the account information;
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