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CorExTi format lines in a click

CorExTi is a tool that will save you literally hours in your daily routine to draw lines and other graphic elements in your charts.  

With a temporary panel discreetly displayed on your screen at the touch of a graphic element as trendline: 

  • Changes the object between 4 favorite line styles (with color, line thickness and style) 
  • Cuts trendlines, when are extended, just at the point where you touch them
  • Extends trendlines (active property of Ray) which are not extended 
  • Or deactivates visualization of all time frames above and current from an object to avoid visual annoyance from those drawn at short timeframes when reviewing higher ones. 

It is a small yet powerful tool that will make your technical analysis more focused and fast.

Ideal for traders who analyze multiple time frames and multiple pairs each day.

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Version 1.40 2016.06.17
Solved build 971 execution issue
Version 1.30 2015.04.17
Improved the way it handles the time to hide buttons.
Version 1.22 2014.10.31
Improved properties organization and way to choose line styles and widths.
Version 1.20 2014.08.19
Changed functions of the close button (red button with white cross): a single click on it will remove the buttons from the screen until you touch any object again, and a double click on the button will remove the indicator from the chart.
Version 1.1 2014.05.06
Improved compatibility with FiboPro and added button to quit the application near to the other buttons that appear in the chart.