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Signal Analyze Master

--------------Welcome to use [MQL5 Signal Analyze Master]------------------ 

Function: Draw order tracks of MQL5 MT4 and MT5 signal on MT4 chart.

[Using guide]

1.Use it as Experts.
2.Download history record from MQL5 signal. 
3.Paste history record file below "MQL4/Files/"
4.Load [Signal Analyze Master] on the symbol chart what you want to analyze.
5.Paste the history record file name to parameter 'FileName'6.Click Ok,then you will see the signal order's records on your MT4 chart.


FileName - The file name of download form MQL5 signal.
SeparateCode - The separate code in file(cvs is ;).
TimeShift - Shift record left or right.
RecordRows - Rows of history file.
Row_Lots - The row of lots in history file.
Row_Symbol - The row of symbol in history file.
Row_Type - The row of type(Buy/Sell) in history file.
Row_OpenTime - The row of order opentime in history file.
Row_OpenPrice - The row of order open price in history file.
Row_CloseTime - The row of order close time in history file.
Row_ClosePrice - The row of order close price in history file.
Buy_TypeName - The row of buy order type in history file.
Sell_TypeName - The row of sell order type in history file.
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