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Silkyway MT5

Silkyway MT5 is an advanced expert advisor developed for MetaTrader 5 platform which complies strictly with the core rules of successful trading that isolate few winners from the majority of the investors. This is the MetaTrader 5 version of Silkyway MT4 The core strength of Silkway lies in its ability to preserve initial capital while sustainably growing investors equity.

The strategy behind Silkway calculates how orders flow in the market and quickly reacts to the flow when it is safe to do so. This EA has been tested using different stress test with 99.90% tick data spanning over 10 years including Monte Carlo Robustness and worst case variable spread (with commission and slippage). With the MT5 platform the results are enhanced due to the nature of MetaTader 5 platform with possiblity to use the EA on a non-convential timeframes like M10 and M20. The test performed on this non-conventional time frame on MT5 has exceptionally good and impressive.

No toxic or margin hugging technique, like Martingale, Averaging, Gridding, Zone Recovery Strategy.
The EA will always use a hard stop loss and have different early smart exit strategy to exit dwindling positions before it hits the stop loss and take profit. It also automatically adjusts itself  4 and 5 digit quotes.

As a caveat, we do not make promises of profit for using this algorithm and like every other system out there, there will be a stagnation period that will span for days maybe weeks or month. Overall, the Silkway algorithm will weather the stagnation and the positive movement will eventually outweigh the stagnation time. Res Ipsa Loquitor, Our Live Performance Accounts will speak for itself . Nonetheless, you are encouraged to backtest and demo-trade with your broker to see what potential it has in a live environment with your desired broker first.

Please allow WebRequest for listed URL and paste http://ec.forexprostools.com/ in the address box for the news filtering module to sync with algorithm.

Expert Recommendations
•    Server: Low latency VPS.
•    Time Frame: Default expert setting optimized for M15, it will work also for M10, but you have to optimize and test which set file works best.
•    Broker: Low spread with commission.
•    Deposit: Greater than $200.
•    Leverage: Greater than 1:200.

Input Parameters

  • OpenDirection: Long, short or long and shorts positions
  • DynamicLots:  False for fixed lot or true for automatic lot calculation
  • Lots: If false in DynamicLots fixed lots will be used
  • RiskPerTrade: Percent of equity to risk per trade
  • HardSLPips: Solid stop loss
  • HardTPPips: Solid take profit
  • CloseProfitPips: Level in pips to consider closing an opened position
  • MaxSpreadPips: Maximum spread allowed in pips
  • SlippagePips: Maximum slippage allowed in pips
  • BrokerGMTOffset: Broker standard GMT offset hours - GMT+2/+3(EET)
  • BrokerDSTStart: Transition to DST
  • BrokerDSTEnd: Transition from DST
  • Comment: comment
  • Sell Early Exit Time: Sell early to maximize profit before spread expansion on short direction
  • Sell Early Exit Percent: Percentage of profit target to exit
  • Magic: Identifying trades from different expert advisors and when trading platform restarts
  • Display On Chart: Display spread, swap, balance and win rate on chart
  • Filling Mode: Mode on MT5 supported by your broker. select ORDER_FILLING_FOK if the broker does not allow ORDER_FILLING_IOC
  • Avoid trade on news: Enables the use of news filter engine

PS: Entropy MT5 has been designed to work for many instruments including metals, indices, and energy. However, for the sake of safety, it is not recommended to use this EA outside the recommended pair, risk, and time-frame described above. Please message me if you have any question or clarification to make.

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Version 2.0 2018.10.15
1) Optimized EA
2) Fixed news issue from source with investing.com
3) Improved entry and exit logic
4) Increased safety profile
5) Updated news filtering module