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Ilan for MetaTrader 5

Due to using the virtual trades, trading in both directions (buy and sell) simultaneously became possible.

This allows users to adapt the popular strategy for the net accounting of positions applied by MetaTrader 5. 

Expert Advisor Settings

The Expert Advisor setup is simple. However, all the important settings of the strategy are available for adjusting. Available tools:

  • Unique MagicNumber for identification of trades;
  • Trade direction option (Trade direction): buy only, sell only or both directions simultaneously;
  • Step for opening trades (Step) and profit size (TakeProfit) with automatic adaptation to 4 or 5-digit quotes;
  • Start lot (Start lot) and the lot incrementation coefficient (Lot coefficient) for adaptation to specific deposit size;
  • And finally, limitation on the number of deals (Max trades in one direction) and Stop Loss of the last deal of a series (Max loss of last trade) for risk management.

Use as much Ilan Expert Advisors on a single account as you need (even on a single financial instrument). Each of them will work with its virtual trades only without interfering with other instances. Trade manually together with the Expert Advisor - this will not affect the trade strategy. Disable the Expert Advisor at any time or start it when there are open positions - everything will work fine.

The list of virtual positions opened by the Expert Advisor is displayed on the chart - you can always see how many lots are in the market at a particular time period:

Type Open Time Volume Open Price
2012.11.19 08:00:32 2.64 1.275105
S 2012.11.19 08:15:10 1.10 1.276100

Operation Modes

A special CloseAndStopNow mode is implemented for closing all trades and stopping the operation: once it is activated, the Expert Advisor will close all its trades and stop operation before the user interferes. There is also a possibility to disable opening new series or any new trades: select a desired mode, and the Expert Advisor will wait to close the series with profit and then it will end its operation. 

Attention! Positions opened manually or by other Expert Advisors do not affect the operation of Ilan! Watch the real volumes of positions that are managed by Ilan on the chart.

Use CloseAndStop mode for closing the positions of the Expert Advisor. Do not use SL and TP for open positions - that may lead to closing positions of the Expert Advisor without accounting them in the trade process!

Trade Result

You can view the Expert Advisor's trade result by testing it in the strategy tester.


The author of the first Ilan release for MetaTrader 5 is Andrey Khatimlianskii (komposter), trader and programmer. The developer's website - www.komposter.me

Kim 2019.04.15 19:39 

Helpful Developer

Csongor Pall
Csongor Pall 2018.07.13 09:48 

My humble opinion based on my experiences:Trading is a complex procedure and requires a lots of time and commitment to build,test,and manage successfully a consistent profitable strategy.

Ilan is great EA in those hands who takes the necessary time to find a way how to use it efficiently.

Ariel Agnoletto
Ariel Agnoletto 2017.04.03 03:11 

Danger, but good!

Иван Чемадура
Иван Чемадура 2015.05.12 18:39 

Отличный советник!

Спасибо Андрей что Вы работаете над продуктом и радуете своих клиентов улучшением качества работы.

Еще раз Огромное Спасибо! :)

p/s. И только ilan реально помогает вылазить из сложной ситуации. Спасибо Андрей!

Sergey Chipyshev
Sergey Chipyshev 2013.11.02 06:21 

Один из самых рабочих советников на маркете - автору респект и уважуха - (200-300% в год предел -зато не напрягаясь)

депозит от 1000$ для цент.счета

Единственный минус у маркета - 3 активации !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robert Walas
robert Walas 2013.09.12 15:34   

No rating at all; lack of communication and completely ignorance to customer. I try contact with him last weekend and below I showing You how this looks like:

[07/09/2013 00:04:00] Andrey Khatimlianskii: Hi!

[07/09/2013 00:04:18] Andrey Khatimlianskii: Please, give me more details, I'll try to help

[07/09/2013 11:01:46] Kasia Walas: hi

[07/09/2013 11:02:28] Kasia Walas: If You know program teamviewer I can give You access to my comp

[07/09/2013 14:56:18] Kasia Walas: hi have you minete?

[07/09/2013 14:56:25] Kasia Walas: minute:D

[07/09/2013 14:57:42] Kasia Walas: I wish to resolve this problem

[07/09/2013 15:45:16] Andrey Khatimlianskii: I don't know when I'll be available to use teamviewer

Please, send me details via chat, it will be faster

[07/09/2013 15:45:34] Kasia Walas: ok

[07/09/2013 15:45:42] Kasia Walas: 2 second

[07/09/2013 15:46:14] Kasia Walas: 2013.09.06 21:59:07 ilan (EURUSD,M5) | OrderCalcMargin error #4002!

2013.09.06 21:59:07 ilan (EURUSD,M5) TakeProfit for SELL (0.01 lots)!

2013.09.06 21:59:07 ilan (EURUSD,M5) | OrderCalcMargin error #4002!

2013.09.06 21:59:06 ilan (EURUSD,M5) Add BUY #2 (0.02 lots) at 0.00000!

2013.09.06 20:25:58 Experts AutoTrading is enabled

[07/09/2013 15:46:25] Kasia Walas: this is last info

[07/09/2013 15:47:24] Kasia Walas: 2013.09.06 18:10:27 ilan (EURUSD,M5) cExpertPosition::pCheckLastOrder: OrderSelect( 34758077 ) failed with error #4754!

2013.09.06 18:14:59 ilan (EURUSD,M5) | Order #34758682 placed (retcode = 10008)!

2013.09.06 18:09:58 ilan (EURUSD,M5) | OrderCalcMargin error #4002! and this is from yesterday

[07/09/2013 15:48:23] Kasia Walas: on the screen: EURUSD, M5 I have on top left corner info

[07/09/2013 15:48:33] Kasia Walas: from robot

[07/09/2013 15:50:54] Kasia Walas: is that enough for You?

[07/09/2013 16:17:02] Kasia Walas: ?

[07/09/2013 19:52:43] Kasia Walas: I think I have to ask you for money back; cose don't seem to be served as customer. I wait too long for Your responds

[08/09/2013 19:16:47] Andrey Khatimlianskii: Of course, ask market for money back. I'll not answer you in 5 minutes in my weekends.


[14:28:04] Kasia Walas: I will post this all on Yor review.

jef 2013.05.10 18:34   

Ilan mt 5 real

In 12 hours zeroing us an account of 500,00 real demo account it works quiet, real account opens lot like crazy, what better setup?

You can add EURUSDL account for lite forex mt5 cents?

Evgeniy Ozhiganov
Evgeniy Ozhiganov 2013.04.03 17:12 

Отличная работа!!! Чувствуется профессиональный подход к делу. Особенно порадовали последние обновления, это добавление расписания в торговлю советника, и открытие по сигналу "TraderDream signal"

Благодаря данному советнику я смог заработать начальный капитал для разработки собственной торговой системы по которой успешно торгую по сегодняшний день...

ВЫВОД: Отличный советник для разгона депозита, и как помощник для внутридневной торговли.

Maksim Korolyov
Maksim Korolyov 2012.12.30 22:57   

На видео показан очень хороший отрезок времени, я подгонял настройки и до 400% за ЭТОТ период. Но за год уже все не так красиво получается %)Оптимизировал долго и много, под каждый период свои настройки, но как их угадать заранее :D

Оптимальных для всей истории подобрать не удалось.

hasayama 2012.11.29 20:53 

Ilan - the BEST! Лучший советник для быстрого разгона депозита, какой я только видел!

Спасибо за качественную версию для пятерки, чувствуется подход профи!

Version 7.4 2019.04.12
Filter by "Gann Hi-Lo Activator SSL" added.
Version 7.3 2019.04.02
Filter by "Heiken Ashi MA for MQL5" indicator added (works only if indicator is in the Market folder)
Version 7.2 2019.03.26
LotSize calculation fixed
Version 7.1 2019.03.26
Added signal based on MACD CA indicator
Version 7.0 2018.05.21
The EA has been built in the new MetaTrader 5 version to ensure compatibility with new testing agents.
Version 6.6 2015.04.14
Added trailing stop.
You can customize trailing stop size ("TrailingStop in points") and the total position profit (in points), after which trailing is activated ("Start TrailingStop after profit").

Added ability to close the entire series of deals when the opposite signal appears ("Close on opposite signal").

Added ability to define the lot of a first deal in the series in percentage of the balance ("Risk for start lot").
Version 6.3 2015.01.19
Minor bug fixes in FirstTakeProfit operation
Version 6.2 2015.01.16
A new parameter has been added: FirstTakeProfit. It is used for specifying individual Take Profit for the first trade of a series.
Version 6.1 2015.01.07
Added ability to open the first trade of the series without a signal. Simply set "Start signal" parameter to "No signal".

Version 6.0 2014.10.29
Added the possibility to trade using TraderDream Evolution indicator's signals! The good news is you do not have to buy the indicator, it is built in the EA.

Just choose the "TraderDream signal" in the settings, set the Period and Type of MA used in the indicator, and EA will work using new algorithm.
Version 5.70 2014.10.22
Added selection of a signal to open the first trade in the series ("Start signal" variable):
* "Simple signal" - original signal (like in the previous version)
* "MA cross signal" - crossing of 2 MAs signal (period and type are set by "MA Period" and "MA Type" variables)

Tip: In order to "reverse" the MA signal, interchange fast and slow MA periods. ;)
Version 5.65 2014.07.30
1. Added the possibility to limit the time of opening the first deal. To activate the limited working time, set "Use custom work time = true" and configure appropriate trading intervals.

Several intervals can be set for each day of week. Thus, you can configure a flexible schedule for the entire week.

For example, if you set "00:00-11:59" interval for Monday, the Expert Advisor will open positions up to 12:00 (the interval's last minute is included).
If you set "13:58-14:05,15:28-15:35" intervals for Friday, the Expert Advisor will trade during 2 intervals having 8 minutes each.

The intervals should be specified in HH:MM-HH:MM format. 0 should be specified in hours and minutes less than 10. Wrong specification example: "0:00-1:20", correct one: "00:00-01:20". A comma (,) is used between the intervals as a separator. The number of specified intervals is not limited.

You can also select what time should be analyzed (does not work in the tester):
- Time Trade Server: trade server time (that you see in the terminal),
- Time Local: your PC's local time,
- or Time GMT (if your computer is configured correctly).

2. Added the possibility to prohibit opening deals during high spreads (MaxSpread parameter).

Good luck in trading!