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SI Connect

SI Connect is a utility that establishes the connection to our servers in order to use FX Volume and get it updated constantly.

Allow web requests and insert http://stein.investments to the list of allowed URLs in your Terminal Options -> Subcategory Expert Advisors.

You need only one running EA instance per terminal but it has to run constantly in the background to grab the latest data from our data center.

In case of questions just contact us directly via this Telegram link 

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Версия 1.47 2020.06.20
Update to new data version, to work with FXVolume v2.0
Версия 1.26 2020.05.08
Fixed slowdown when the EA is on the same chart as the FX Volume indicator
Версия 1.25 2020.04.02
Increased HTTP timeout
Версия 1.24 2020.03.09
Change behavior in case URL is not added in platform options
Версия 1.23 2020.03.08
Improved backward compatibility
Версия 1.19 2020.03.07
Improved EA detection