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Kakarot Ea


  • - Kakarot EA uses indicators combined with AI algorithm according to the principle of trend detection and trend matching.
  • - The principle of order balancing, low DD protects accounts better for high profits.
  • - Flexible command entry and exit
  • - Works on all pairs, preferable to major USD pairs.
  • - Support trade manual methods.
  • - Provide effective bot management parameters at your own discretion to be able to bring a much higher profit.

Help Manual

  • Bot configuration is flexible, easy to use and suitable for all market conditions. The general configuration parameters are as follows:
  • Lot management begins with the Start_lot parameter, the default is 0.01.
  • Manage distance between 2 commands with Distance parameter
  • Profit management with TakeProfit parameter.
  • Manage the number of duplicate orders of each lot size with Number_Order_Lot.
  • Manage the total number of orders entered for each pair with Max_Order.
  • Manage buy pause or allow buy with Only_Buy parameter.
  • Manage pause of sell or allow sell with Only_Sell parameter.
  • Manager does not allow to open more orders with Not_Open.

Link video backtest : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhMjEZ6i3do&feature=youtu.be

Join Telegram link for suporting : https://t.me/joinchat/D_52gUi0KvDPor2nOdy5vw

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Версия 3.0 2020.07.12
- Fix bug when restart EA.