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Grid King

Grid King takes a new approach to grid trading.  The main focus when developing the EA was safety, by eliminating the margin-call risk which is usually associated with most grid systems on the market.  It also strives to achieve much higher returns than the average grid system, by spreading risk amongst multiple pairs and strategies which all have a limited effect on the account-equity.

The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 18 years and passes all those years succesfully without any high drawdown. (*Please use recommended accountsize guidelines -> see below)

The EA is also already optimized for 13 pairs, and more will follow in the future.  In theory, any pair or market can be optimized for the algorithm.

At the moment, 2 strategies are used for entry:

  • "Volatility breakout" strategy, where the EA will trade in the direction of strong price movements.
  • "Return to Mean" strategy, where the EA will exploit the fact that price always returns to the mean.

Please read the blog before using the EA! -> https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722424

Current live results: 

Key Characteristics:

  • very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques
  • "safety first" approach in development
  • optimizable for any market
  • ONLY grid-system on the market that passes 18 years of stress-tests on historical data on multiple pairs
  • fully automatic
  • Not sensitive to spread, commission, or account type, but ofcourse a low spread ECN broker will always work better and is recommended!
  • On-Chart visualisation of TP zones
  • You can use the same magic numbers on different pairs.  But the 2 different strategies must use 2 different magicnumbers

Parameter List:

Recommended Setup:

  • Enable autosettings and run only the optimized pairs
  • run only on H1 timeframe
  • Run only 1 chart for each pair (the EA will run both strategies from 1 chart)
  • Use leverage of 1:300 or bigger.  The EA will need enough free margin from time to time, so a high leverage is necessary.
  • works on all brokers (non FIFO only for now)
  • All account types are ok (standard, ECN, STP, Micro)
  • As with any EA, it is recommended you run it first on a demo account to get to know the trading style of the EA
  • Recommended to run on accounts nominated in EUR or USD for best performance of AutoSafety feature.


  • balance > 200$ but < 2000$ -> use cent account!
  • balance >= 2000$ (or 200$ Cent) -> run max 2-3 Low DD pairs
  • balance >= 3000$ (or 300$ Cent) -> run max 2-3 Low DD or 1-2 Medium/High DD pairs
  • balance >= 4000$ (or 400$ Cent) -> run max 4-5 Low/Medium DD  pairs
  • balance >= 5000$ (or 500$ Cent) -> run max 8 Low/Medium DD pairs
  • balance >= 7500$ (or 750$ Cent) -> run any/all pairs
  • Low drawdown pairs: eurjpy, usdchf, audusd, eurchf, audcad
  • Medium drawdown pairs: eurusd, gbpusd, usdjpy, eurcad, audnzd
  • High drawdown pairs: euraud, eurgbp, gbpjpy
  • It is only advised to run "Aggressive" or "Very Aggressive" mode when using only very few pairs (1-3)
  • When running all pairs, "Very Conservative" or "Conservative" mode is advised

How to run backtests:

  • Use tickdata only (90% from a good broker or 99.90% for most accurate results)
  • use fixed spread or variable spread
  • Choose H1 timeframe
  • Choose period (for example 2007-2018)
  • Use default parameters, or set risk settings to your taste.
  • Use EUR or USD as account currency in tests
  • When using Tickdata 99.90% -> use GMT=2 or 3

plu100 2018.12.10 09:54 

I also just lost over USD 4'000 of my USD 10'000 account on EURAUD after running the EA for less than two weeks. Hard to believe it never happened in the last 18 years, but happened just now. The EA looked very promising, but unfortunately I can't recommend it.

ruarte19 2018.12.08 21:41 

The ea is delivering very good on my demo account testing. There was some dd but within safe limits configured. I'll take the ea to live in the next months.

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2018.12.08 09:03 

Lost $2800 on EURAUD after less than 1 week live. Hard to be positive about this. I followed the instructions to the letter. Medium risk. If you carry on trading Grid King, I recommend no EURAUD. It doesn’t have as many pull backs like other pairs.

ework 2018.12.07 11:28 

I have a good feeling about this EA, but I also think I will be coming here many times and changing my rating back and forth...let's see.

On first instance it looks good, you can tell it's well coded (at least so far), Wim is responsive, the EA is executing well....but once again....so far.

I know there are plenty of you out there that are more than happy not having a clue how EAs work, and will slap 5 stars on anything.

I've been trading long enough to know that if you do not understand EXACTLY how an EA works, you might as well just buy lottery tickets.

I don't have the feeling that I understand how Grid King works, and I am hoping Wim either explains it better, clearer and in more detail, or that his explanations on the blog cover ALL our questions.

I hope to give this EA 5 stars one day, but for now 3 is good enough.

I will review this once I understand what's under the hood.

Leonidas 2018.12.04 18:06 


Bonasoro87 2018.11.21 10:25 

I absolutely recommend this EA. It is not the classic grid system with the risk of losing everything if things go wrong, the manufacturer has taken care of this very much making GRID KING very safe. I tried this EA both in demo and in real and the operations are identical. I recommend following the manufacturer's advice to the letter and keeping a low risk. Good Trading to everyone.

Pankom Sriboonlue
Pankom Sriboonlue 2018.11.21 03:37 

Purchased the EA on the first launching day.

The concept is very interesting, Mean Reversal + Breakout, Most important thing is the EA keep getting better and better.

Running on Demo with Medium Risk show 100USD/Week with Less than 7% Max DD

Will go Live Very Soon.

Thank to Wim MoneyMakers.


hansbb 2018.11.20 17:27   

Have already purchased this gridEA, because of the safety reason of the gridsystem.

Currently running on a demo account.

Wim is very professional and will answer questions immediately.

Have already bought another EA from this maker, which I already have on a live account (this also runs as it should)

Will give an update in a couple of months, when he goes live...

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.11.12 01:57 

Nice to see Wim taking on the smart grids challenge now, interesting concept with the safety feature actually, very long term stability and high profitability according to high quality backtests. Author is known for working on his projects for years long improving and perfecting them.

- My backtests for all pairs with safety feature activated: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33065#!tab=comments&page=6&comment=9403421

- Average yearly compound growth projections based on low risk settings calculations: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33065#!tab=comments&page=6&comment=9403824

I used 15 years at 99.9% quality tick data from an ECN broker, full variable floating spreads, slippage based on latencies up to 700 ms for all order types, realistic market hours simulations, 100% level stopouts, GMT+2 with US DST and ICM swaps costs. Stablity is high above .95!

Версия 2.4 2018.12.04
Version 2.3
- Added option for setting trading hours
- Added 'Very Low Risk LotsizeStep'

Version 2.4
- Added Audcad
Версия 2.2 2018.11.29
Version 2.2
- Corrected the text (added AUDNZD) in the parameter information section
- changed some text in the information section of the parameters, to be more clear for users
- Fixed some small things
- Added EURCHF pair!
Версия 2.1 2018.11.23
Version 2.1
- fixed Maxloss bug on accounts with minimum lotsize = 0.1 (this happened on some cent accounts with 0.1minimum lotsize...)
- added color option for buy/sell arrows
- Added AUDNZD pair
Версия 2.0 2018.11.21
Version 2.0
- Added option to select trade direction (for strong trending markets)
- Added Max Loss Allowed value and next lotsize increase information in the information panel
- rearranged information panel
- Added manual trading option
- Improved trailingSL and hard TP algorithms
Версия 1.9 2018.11.21
Version 1.9
- Added 'total historical profit' information for the pair on the information panel
- Changed "correlated pairs safety" to only work when they are in the same trade direction
- Fixed small bug with Hard TP
- Added option for trailing SL on Flash TP instead of closing the trade
Версия 1.8 2018.11.19
Version 1.8
- fixed buttonsize (can be manually set now)
- added option to use only portion of balance
- added 2 new safeties: correlated pairs and max number of pairs.
- improved on chart visuals and information
Версия 1.7 2018.11.16
Version 1.7
- Added button on chart to force close of all buy trades or sell trades
- Added option to set hard TP on FlashTP levels (+extra pips)
- Added Gbpjpy
- fixed bug concerning lotsize calculation
Версия 1.6 2018.11.15
Version 1.6
- added new autosafety parameter for extra control on the function
- reviewed autosafety's historical max equity DD based on 99.90% tickdata
- improved grid closing technique
Версия 1.5 2018.11.13
Version 1.4
- Added an option to close all trades should "total" equity drawdown exceed a certain percentage.
- Adjusted eurusd to lower risk grids

Version 1.5
- Add trade retry algorithm if trade should fail
Версия 1.3 2018.11.11
Version 1.3:
- improved gbpusd stability
- improved usdjpy stability
- fixed bug regarding portfolio trading
Версия 1.2 2018.11.11
- improved eurusd stability
Версия 1.1 2018.11.10
Version 1.1:
- Added "hedge" option -< instead of closing grid when exceeding max historical DD, the trades will be hedged so the user can manual manage the hedged trades.
- added security for MT4 restart.
- added warning when using to high lotsize or too small balance for your setup.