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Всем известен паттерн дивергенция, что если  индикаторных паттернов значительно больше, но мы просто их не видим? Представляю вашему вниманию советник основанный на  паттернах индикатора CCI. С помощью алгоритмов Machine Learning были выявлены лучшие паттерны по индикатору. Советник является полностью автоматизированным и готовым к роботе. По умолчанию советник автоматически определяет ТейкПрофит и СтопЛосс но вы можете задавать и свой размер данных параметров. Также есть функция автолот в процентах от депозита.

Рабочий таймфрейм 15 минут.


Сигнал: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/486663



  • Magic Number =8
  • Lot Percent of Depo=1
  • Constant Lot=0
  • Take Profit 0-AutoTakePr=0
  • StopLoss 0-AutoStLoss=0
  • Max Spread=20
  • MaxCountOrders=20
  • Begin Hour of Working=0
  • End Hour of Working=24
  • Comments
  • Open deals on Friday till Hour
  • Close deals on Friday after Hour
  • Close on Friday if Profit
  • Virtual Take and Loss

nguyenvanlong 2018.12.08 01:14 

EA is very bad

Badr Alobaid
Badr Alobaid 2018.12.07 10:53 

Really bad EA .. good on the tester only .. I stopped the EA

Also, the price is too much for such loser EA

gioakk 2018.11.29 17:49 

Hi use for 4 weeks, first week was good. After that only loss I stop EA due too much loss

Thomas Vogel
Thomas Vogel 2018.11.29 10:44 

1. Still no LIVE Account from Developer Online.

2. Random Entry with SL 1:1

3. Trying to "Optimize the Graph" with wider SL with new Version.

When i see i Live Account greater 1000 USD, i change my Rating.


asaens15 2018.11.26 21:56 

Poor performer on my system. Mostly losses. Very disappointed. Looked good in Strategy Tester but performed poorly in 2 different broker demo accounts. Would not trust with actual account. No longer testing to make resources available for better performers. Seems to be reversal strategy so when currency pair trends you will lose on minor corrections. Haven't seen a good EA yet that you can just "set it and forget it" which would involve some real programming skills and knowledge to program a comprehensive EA utilizing modern artificial intelligence to recognize changing trading environment and adjust to it instead sticking to one mode of trading and relying on user intervention.

zhang_zhenkai 2018.11.26 14:04 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Anderson Luiz
Anderson Luiz 2018.11.26 14:01 

I saw the same thing. The timeframe only changes the lot, nothing more. And the optimization produce the exactly same number of deals, dont matter the parameter that you change. Strange that the developer dont create a real account to show.

Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen 2018.11.26 09:29 

Interestingly I just found out that you will get the same result when doing the back test regardless of time frame (5m, 15m, 30m, 1h ...) This is not suppose to happen under any circumstances with different time frame, unless the author altered the back test to make it look more attractive to buyers. On the top of that, this guy already have another app that does that, it called Spectrum MT5. 1 million dollar in 1 year with $1000 deposit when doing back test, after purchasing it, money loosing like crazy. This is what happen right now with PatternatorCCI , it is loosing money. The reason why the EA is so expensive is because few purchases already make a big buck for him, he can mysteriously disappear afterward. Don't step in this mud hole, stay away!!

Casimir Janssens
Casimir Janssens 2018.11.23 19:18 

I have this EA running on € 500 IC Markets live account on VPS and it started with a dip, which can happen with many EA's. Like I told in comment, I will give EA credit to 50% of my account (stupid no :-)) ), to see what is does in coming weeks. Therefore I will give 3 star rating because all EA need some time and I will adjust this rating as we go. If we just started in bad period... who nows, we will see. I will update this live account every friday in comments, so people can see how it runs on a live account instead of all those backtest which are not reliable at all, just my opinion. I am used to offer some money on small live accounts to test out EA's that I have interest in, so no problem. It's just money from other EA portfolio that did good jobs :-) .What I do want to have my opinion about, is that I find this EA is way overpriced, also the renting part. But this is just my opinion. Keep you all updated with my live account for everyone who has interest.

Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez
Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez 2018.11.22 18:44 

Muchas perdidas y pocas ganancias, dinero tirado a la basura. Backtest muy bueno, en cuenta real muy malo. Sergej no debería cobrar por este EA, tu historial no es bueno.

jonachow 2018.11.22 17:14 

Very interesting EA, backtest with a very good performance. Sergej is very supportive also

Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra 2018.11.20 21:15 

They are running In Live Account the top pairs indicated and unfortunately they are skating, Breakeven and loss. Backtest is very good, real account is very bad, different from the backtest. Money thrown out, do not recommend. For now 0 star.

Seyedmohammad Ramezani
Seyedmohammad Ramezani 2018.11.05 13:20 

i test many ea in market but this one is different. perfect result on backtest from 2000 to 2018.11 and now i buy it and run it on my real account.

Sergej Sergienko gives you the best support.

after some weeks i update my reviews

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant 2018.10.18 01:22 

Supportive developer, interesting EA

Версия 1.6 2018.12.13
Добавлена опция виртуального ТейкПрофита и СтопЛосса
Версия 1.5 2018.11.28
Добавлен Трейлинг
Версия 1.4 2018.11.26
Добавлена опция ограничения торговли и закрытия позиций в Пятницу
Версия 1.3 2018.11.05
Добавлена возможность добавлять Комментарии к сделкам
Версия 1.2 2018.10.29
Изменен алгоритм получения данных с старшего таймфрейма(без открывания графика).
Версия 1.1 2018.10.15
Исправлена ошибка с ручным управлением тейкпрофитом и стоплоссом