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Shepherd Harmonic Pattern

This indicator will detect harmonic patterns that are drawn on the chart by manual and automatic methods. You can see user manual from this link:


There is a free version to try this product. You can use it to detect Gartley and Nenstar patterns:



  • Indicator has control panel and it will save every (chart & timeframe) settings. You can minimize it to have more space on chart and you can press close button to hide all indicator data on chart if you prefer to work with other analysis tools at that moment.
  • When you use this indicator and change the settings, add indicators like Moving Average or Bollinger Bands, this indicator will save template of you edits automatically and you can load them any time you need.
  • If you are using Windows 10, press right click on MetaTrader icon > Compatibility > Change High DPI Settings > System (Enhanced) to have best screen settings (it should be done in HD Devices).
  • Indicator is simply an interpretation of harmonic trading theory for detecting harmonic patterns on the chart. If you want to learn it you can search for Scott Carney's book named "Harmonic Trading vol 1&2".
  • Indicator has price and time alert lines.
  • Indicator will draw Fibonacci fans on your detected patterns.
  • Indicator will draw Pivots/Camarella/Patterns Ray.
  • You can load manually drawn objects from higher timeframes into lower timeframes.
  • Reset buttons will clear all saved settings (All / Current) timeframe.
  • Indicator has an alert / notification system that will provide you with targets/stop/entry points as signal.
  • Indicator will detect divergence (yellow and orange arrows) and they serve as good confirmations.
  • Indicator will calculate best lot size for every pattern as it is good for your balance with risk value as you insert in settings.
  • Indicator will detect also price action patterns (Pinbar,InsideBar,OutSideBar).
  • You can use this indicator buffers in an EA using this code:
double buy_signal=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",0,1); //if(buy_signal!= EMPTY_VALUE){//buy}
double sell_signal=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",1,1); //if(buy_signal!=EMPTY_VALUE){//sell}
double bull_divergence=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",2,1); //if(bull_divergence!=EMPTY_VALUE){//buy}
double bear_divergence=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",3,1); //if(bear_divergence!=EMPTY_VALUE){//sell}
double sl_Value=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",4,1); 
double tp1_Value=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",5,1);
double tp2_Value=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",6,1);
double tp3_Value=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",7,1);
double Price_Action=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Shepherd_Harmonic_Patterns",8,1);if(Price_Action!=EMPTY_VALUE){//trade=true;}


  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable\Disable indicator theme.
  • Show_Last_Candle_Counter - Enable\Disable candle timer.
  • Candle_Counter_Color - Color of candle timer.
  • Accuracy_Percent - Percent for patterns proportions accuracy.
  • Bullish_Pattern_Color - Color for bullish patterns.
  • Bearish_Pattern_Color - Color for bearish patterns.
  • ABCD_Color - AB=CD patterns color.
  • Manual_Pattern_Color - Color of manual pattern.
  • Show_Proportions - Enable\Disable patterns proportions view.
  • Show_PRZ - Enable\Disable potential reversal zones view.
  • Targets_Only_Completed_D - Enable\Disable show targets only on completed patterns.
  • Font_Color - Color of texts.
  • Fan_Color - Color of fans.
  • Send_Alert - Enable\Disable alert function.
  • Send_Notification - Enable\Disable notification function.
  • Send_Email - Enable\Disable email function.
  • InsideBar_Sensor - Enable\Disable InsideBar price action detecting.
  • OutSideBar_Sensor - Enable\Disable OutSideBar price action detecting.
  • PinBar_Sensor - Enable\Disable PinBar price action detecting.
  • Risk_Percent - Risk percent to calculate with patterns stop loss value and account balance.
  • History_Bars - Max bars that will be used in calculations.
Comentários 46
pdg Steven
pdg Steven 2020.10.04 17:07 

hello Sir!! i Dm you!! i buy the product and then i do what i have to do it cant install on my mt4

khalil madi
khalil madi 2020.10.01 16:51 

this is the best harmonic indicator ever , all my love to Abdallah

Jennifrancess Oduche
Jennifrancess Oduche 2020.08.21 12:34 

This indicator is excellent but you should understand the Harmonics pattern well to know how to use it to make profits,Excellent job

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Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Free
Abdullah Alrai
This indicator will detect harmonic patterns that are drawn on the chart by manual and automatic methods. You can see user manual from this link: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/719257 There is a free version (it detect only Gartley and Nenstar Patterns) to try this product. You can buy the full version from: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15212 Notes When you use this indicator and change the settings, add indicators like Moving Average or Bollinger Bands, this indicator will save
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MultiFiboDynamicMT4 is a powerful, professional indicator for estimating the most important support and resistance levels. The main advantage is that it plots the Fibonacci levels at all timeframes simultaneously, which allows the trader to see the full picture of the possible price movement of the trading instrument! Advantages of the indicator The indicator is perfect for scalping and trading binary options. Suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Works on all timeframes. Works on an
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Elliott Wave Trend was designed for the scientific wave counting based on the template and pattern approach first devised by Young Ho Seo. This tool focuses to get rid of the vagueness of the classic Elliott Wave Counting using the guideline from the template and pattern approach. In doing so, firstly Elliott Wave Trend offers the template for your wave counting. Secondly, it offers Wave Structural Score to assist to identify accurate wave formation. It offers both impulse wave Structural Score
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Hello, i am Alfred From Egypt and i want to present an interesting indicator, it depends on Fibonacci lines but there is a secret lines i used them, by using FiboRec indicator you will be able to know a lot of important information in the market such as: Features You can avoid entry during market turbulence. You can enter orders in general trend only. You will know if the trend is strong or weak. Signal Types and Frame used You can use this indicator just on H1 frame. Enter buy order in case
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Fibonacci Patterns Indicator
(Harmonic Patterns Indicator) Attention! Does not work on its own! It's a part of the WaltSoft Fibonacci Patterns SCOUT which you can  Get here . (also more info there) Settings Color Gartley = SteelBlue Color Papilionem = Gold Color Squalus = OrangeRed Color Carcinos = Khaki Color Deep Carcinos = Moccasin Color Vespertilio = DarkViolet Color Alternate Vespertilio = MediumVioletRed Color Five Legs = Aquamarine Color New Cypher = LightSeaGreen Color Quasimodo = Turquoise Color Navarro 200 = Me
CandleStick Premium
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Индикатор высчитывается по сложному авторскому алгоритму. Он строится с учетом тенденции по зонам перекупленности перепроданности объёмов . Это позволяет выявлять дивергенцию объёмов , выявить так называемые приседающие бары. Также он определяет уровни входа в рынок и цели. Средняя линия канала является предполагаемым уровнем отката. RPeriod- период расчета индикатора Indicator_Level - уровень зон перекупленности перепроданности Draw Fibo Levels - отображаем целевые уровни Fibo Level Col
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TTZ SD Trading Tool
Shain Sawaengmim
TTZ SD Trading Tool is the indicator that helps you to easily draw and maintain your supply/demand levels like Sam Seiden. You just locate and draw your own proximal line with supply/demand conditions, the indicator will draw the distal line and supply/demand zone for you. It also provides you with all information about zones, such as price at proximal line and distal line. You can customize the color for each lines and zone. It supports multicharts. You just draw your supply/demand levels at a
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Super Waves
Aleksei Pronin
Super Waves is a multi-purpose diverse and multi-functional Expert Advisor, despite its simplicity. The Expert Advisor is based on the indicators: Elliott Wave and Zig Zag. The indicator parameters were not chosen randomly, but by using the calculations of the professors of the higher mathematics. Thus the optimum values were found, which predict the price movement with high probability. The essence of the operation is reduced to the following - the EA analyses the market movements and predicts
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Important! FxCraft, due to platform limitations, do not works on historical tester. Please use free demo version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/10242 FxCraft Manual Trader is a convenient tool for manual trading on the most popular Forex platform – MetaTrader 4. It facilitates and accelerates execution of many standard actions, which often take our precious time and increase the chances of making mistakes. It is perfectly suited for dynamic scalping and traditional day trading. The p
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"The Squeeze indicator attempts to identify periods of consolidation in a market. In general the market is either in a period of quiet consolidation or vertical price discovery. By identifying these calm periods, we have a better opportunity of getting into trades with the potential for larger moves. Once a market enters into a "squeeze," we watch the overall market momentum to help forecast the market direction and await a release of market energy." The Modified TTM Squeeze Indicator is a modif
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Advanced Pattern Recognition Indicator If you struggle to have a consistent strategy, this indicator is just great for you. Also known as "harmonic patterns", this indicator is a tool for those who want to take money from market when the price is just a mess. This software helps you to identify patterns such as Gartley, bat and cypher. This indicator does not redraw like all the  "harmonic software" you will find in the market. This feature gives you enough time to decide if it is a good trade o
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Fibo Bands is an innovative indicator and an analyzer for trading in the current trend direction. The indicator builds a Fibonacci channel (bands), and consists of a trend line (middle line), channel bands, colored bars and reference information. After completion of the current bar, the trend line, the channel and the color of the bar are not redrawn. However, the channel width can be changed after a reset or restart of the indicator depending on volatility. The channel is built in accordance wi
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PZ 123 Pattern
Arturo Lopez Perez
O 123 Pattern é um dos padrões de gráficos mais populares, poderosos e flexíveis. O padrão é composto por três pontos de preço: fundo, pico ou vale e retração de Fibonacci entre 38,2% e 71,8%. Um padrão é considerado válido quando as quebras de preços além do último pico ou vale, momento em que o indicador traça uma flecha, sobe um alerta, e o comércio pode ser colocado. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de problemas | FAQ | Todos os produtos ] Sinais de negociação claros
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Bem-vindo ao Koala Fibo Base Time     Bem-vindo ao fuso horário Koala Fibo     Bem-vindo ao Koala Fibo Time Extention     Bem-vindo à ferramenta perdida para meta comércio! Introdução simples: Os fusos horários de Fibonacci são linhas verticais baseadas na sequência de Fibonacci. Essas linhas se estendem ao longo do eixo X (eixo da data) como um mecanismo para prever reversões com base no tempo decorrido. Uma grande baixa ou alta geralmente é escolhida como ponto de partida. As distâ
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Naked Forex Tweezer Pro Indicator for MT4
Renaud Candel
Tweezer Pro Indicator is a pattern recognition indicator for Forex, Stocks, Indices, Futures, Commodities and Cryptos. The standard Tweezer is a two bar pattern. Our enhanced version is a multi-bar pattern. We filter the patterns for you so that you only get the   best and most effective patterns   and ignore the noise. The Tweezer pattern is a simple and effective pattern to trade. The strategy that comes with the Tweezer is based on price action. The Tweezer Pro version let user
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Advanced Currency Strength Indicator The Advanced Divergence Currency Strength Indicator. Not only it breaks down all 28 forex currency pairs and calculates the strength of individual currencies across all timeframes , but, You'll be analyzing the WHOLE forex market in 1 window (In just 1 minute) . This indicator is very powerful because it reveals the true movements of the market.  It is highly recommended to  analyze charts knowing the performance of individual currencies or the countries ec
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CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It is based on 2 of our main indicators (Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency Impulse). It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all (9) timeframes. Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a sin
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Alexandru Ionut Comanoiu
AlioFx Price Action analyses trend, day candle, ob and os condition, 40 Japanese candle patterns with 9 customizable filters, last closed candle analyze, 23 chart patterns, automatic support and resistance lines, daily pivot points, trendlines, yesterday high and low lines and Fibonacci retracement. Alert, email and mobile notification for newly formed Price Action patterns and Chart patterns. Panel xy positioning, minimize button and panel options for quick turning on/off filters, alerts, pa hi
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Chart Patterns Dashboard
Velmurugan Esakki
This indicator reads all symbols from Market Watch and scans behind the latest chart pattern formed in each symbols. The symbols are then categorized in dashboard based on its recent pattern identified.   The pattern of a particular symbol can be viewed separately in chart by left-clicking on the symbol. In the Dashboard, if the symbol is displayed in Green color, it means that the last trading price has broken the pattern in upward direction. If Red color, the break-out is in downward directio
200 USD
Best And Worst Dashboard
Chantal Sala
Best and worst Dashboard was born from the idea to have a panel that includes all the symbols in a chart. It is very importance to understand which symbols are both positive and negative. In the past, we realized the single indicator Best and Worst ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11784 ), now thanks to the upgrading of the Metatrader the dashboard displays all the instruments simultaneously. A great revolution. This Dashboard is able to calculate performance at any time frame and clicki
100 USD
Evgeniy Kornilov
BinaryArrowShot is a professional arrow indicator designed for a short-term price forecasting. This allows for displaying reliable trade results on binary options. The indicator is based on a relatively small neural network supplemented by Fourier series theory. This combination allows obtaining stable results for a long time period (about 15 years). BinaryArrowShot works on М1, М5, М15, М30, H1 and Н4, however the best results were obtained on М5-М30. BinaryArrowShot requires no optimization. I
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The Beast Super Signal is a simple, and easy to use trend based indicator. It will continuously monitor current price action looking for new trends developing or strong reversals building at extreme price levels, and trends that have reached strong exhaustion levels. The Beast Super Signal indicator will monitor the current price, and only when all of the internal strategies align, and are in 100% agreement with each other, the indicator will paint a new buy or sell signal arrow on the chart. Al
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Currency Strength Matrix
Raymond Gilmour
THE ONLY CURRENCY STRENGTH INDICATOR THAT IS BASED ON PRICE ACTION. DESIGNED FOR TREND, MOMENTUM & REVERSAL TRADERS This indicator  reads price action to confirm trend and strength . Advanced multi-currency and multi-time frame indicator that shows you simply by looking at one chart, every currency pair that is trending and the strongest and weakest currencies driving those trends. For full details on how to use this indicator, and also how to get our latest chart tool FREE, please see user m
98 USD
Indicator iPump
Sergei Lanin
The iPump indicator is a universal indicator that  combines the advantages of three types of indicators.  You get 3 indicators in 1 product. multi-step trend detection  (trend indicators) determination  of resistance and support levels  (levels indicators) definition of overbought and oversold zones  (oscillators indicators) 👉 Instructions for the iPump indicator https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/732102 The indicator appeared in the process of many years of working with financial assets.  Th
89 USD
Scalper Inside PRO
Alexey Minkov
Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses the exclusive Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine the trend fast and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that will automatically determine the exact time of opening and closing positions and calculate detailed statistics to select the best trading instrument for your trade. Also, you can connect custom indicators to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. Scalper Inside PRO Manual (PDF):
109 USD
Paul Reymkhe
                     B ULL B EAR I NNOVATION                ⚜️ Technology To Success ⚜️   Correct identification of the trends in stock investments are pivotal and TrendFollowerSR ensures this perspective while displaying the correct trend on multiply timeframes to help you go long way as much as possible. The latest technology of the Indicator enables to track whether if a certain trend has just begun ,
119 USD
TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator
TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. TPA has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indica
168 USD
Prometheus Smart Money
Philip Muga
Prometheus Smart Money is an indicator that combines both price & volume with calculations based on other custom indicators, smart volume and retail volume to create this leading indicator that gives you high probability moves to help you make a decision on what is MOST likely to happen in the market going forward. Advantages You can use it in ALL financial markets including binary options on ALL asset classes or instruments. You can use it as a stand alone indicator or as a confirmation tool wi
100 USD
Clever Scalper Pro
Carlos Forero
Description Very robust and powerful indicator, which allows through its 4 components, trade the market in trend or not trending conditions. it based on a very reliable trading strategy and gives you all you need to be succesful in trading. Here you can access our discord community for more information about our tools and benefits. KEY LINKS:   Indicator Manual   –   How to Install   -  Discord Server   –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is CEF Scalper Pro useful to you? A complete an
98 USD
MTF Supply Demand Zones
Georgios Kalomoiropoulos
Next generation of automated supply and demand zones. New and innovative algorithm that works in any chart. All zones are being created dynamically according to price action of the market. GET ALERTS WHEN A NEW ZONE IS FORMED  New Features: Alerts when a new Supply/Demand Zone is created. You have the possibility when a new zone is formed to get push notifications.  Zone width labels in pips One more timeframe on MTF. So now instead of 2 timeframes above the current you will be able to see 3 t
149 USD
Market Scanner
Andrey Kozak
Market Scanner is a ready-made trading system that does not require any additional or in-depth knowledge in the Forex market from the trader. The system automatically analyzes the market using a number of statistical data and outputs ready signals to enter or exit the market. These signals are displayed in form of buy or sell arrows. Market Scanner features Signals are not delayed and are drawn on the first bar; It shows the moments when it is necessary to enter the market, and when to exit; S
147 USD
PipTick VSA MT4
Michal Jurnik
PipTick VSA is based on the original Volume Spread Analysis method. It was designed for quick and easy recognition of VSA patterns. Even though this indicator looks very simple, it is the most sophisticated tool that we have ever made. PipTick VSA indicator is a really powerful analytical tool that generates very reliable trading signals. Because it is very user friendly and understandable, it is suitable for every type of trader, regardless of their experience. What Is VSA? VSA (Volume Spread
97 USD
PTS Demand Index
Demand Index was the creation of James Sibbet and uses complex code to make simple work of the interpretation of volume and price as a combination. Understanding volumes is never an easy task but this beautiful piece of programming certainly makes like a lot easier. There are several ways in which this indicator can benefit traders and investors alike. Divergences (As a Leading indicator) Having studied many technical indicators over the years I have formed the opinion that Demand Index is one
95 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz 2016.05.28 16:09 

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Imadov Eden Park
Imadov Eden Park 2016.06.19 02:56 

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HZeno80 2016.07.27 01:07 

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waldossari 2016.07.27 19:26 

A very profitable indicator with a simple interface and accurate patterns.

anda007 2016.09.27 01:44 

pretty good

unlike me , if u are patient enough to wait strong signal confirmations, u'll be victorious with this......i guess

---EDITED from 19th Sept---

after put aside my rooted scalper mentality, i add more stars for this :D

Jamesdelz 2016.10.01 06:49 

very helpful guy!

richiedinc 2016.11.12 14:08 

perfect indicator that works perfectly and very very helpfull guy.. what do you want more ??

rainwalker123 2016.12.11 10:35 

Hello Abdullah, I give 5stars because of the people below and what I have see in the past detected patterns.

I miss something in this indicator, which is very important to know. I can not sit the whole day, in front of the monitor. MT4 sends me the EMAILs, but only the time of the signal! No profit targets, and where to put the SL. Would it be possible to ad those features?

Hope you can.

Thank you

Meshari alsafi Safi
Meshari alsafi Safi 2017.04.18 14:33 

والله يا جماعة الموشر متعوب عليه جدا وقيمته لا تعادل قوة واداء الموشر

انصح بالشراء يكفي يرسم لك الهارمونيك النمادج العكسية والاراتدادات

واشكر صاحبه على التواصل والشرح واعطاء الفرص المتاحة

naeems80 2017.04.29 16:16 

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ritagedz 2017.04.29 18:26 

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Mohammed Saleh
Mohammed Saleh 2017.04.29 20:14 

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shakir2007 2017.04.30 01:32 

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atiya85 2017.05.02 00:43 

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ostaz 2017.05.02 15:49 

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Talal Mansour
Talal Mansour 2017.05.31 23:42 

Very will Indicators i recomand it 5 star

Bradley Bosworth
Bradley Bosworth 2017.06.15 06:17 

Still trying to figure the ins and outs of this system, but overall I like it :) Takes some getting used to the redrawing of the patterns. But with entry zones it makes it easier!

Stefano Leale
Stefano Leale 2017.07.07 12:46 

It's been a long time since I was looking for an indicator like this, clearly well done. The author is really capable of explaining its operation and also giving clarification about the matter of harmonic patterns. You see that the author besides doing it for work also does it for passion. For several years I have been working on forex and I can honestly say that such precise indicators and such legitimate authors count on the fingers of a hand. I really recommend it!

Ahmed Tawfik
Ahmed Tawfik 2017.07.26 13:04 

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4032680 2018.02.23 17:40 

بصرحة المؤشر فوق الممتاز بل خيالي في صيد أفضل الفرصة ويعطيك مصداقية وأكثر ثقة في اتخاذ القرار للدخول في الصفقة بقلب قوي

cobar53 2018.05.24 02:50 

I found this an unsatisfactory produce.

There is no Manual

It does not pick up nearly as many patterns as ZUP or KOR

I showed the owner suitable screen shots as proof.

When I requested a refund, the owner denied it.

I would not recommend buying this product

Alessandro Rosati
Alessandro Rosati 2018.07.09 11:27 

Good product. New notification system is the best A+

Cristiano Rivolta Cidro
Cristiano Rivolta Cidro 2018.09.19 19:08 

Dear friend

I sent a private message, please check.

baelar 2018.10.21 14:56 

Once you understand all the features and how to use them this is the best harmonics indicator you can buy.


Likma 2018.10.27 18:41 

I'm really impressed, i'm a 8 years experienced harmonic trader and this tool is just the best you can buy in the market, thank you Abdulah for your hard work.


brown888 2018.10.30 08:04 

looks good but i tried to back test it seems like you cant

Ming Li
Ming Li 2018.11.13 05:17 


William Turella
William Turella 2018.11.15 14:40 

Best harmonic software ever. Just need to fix the alerts issue.

Angelo 2018.11.30 20:40 

Great Indicador, gives you a lot of information if you know how to work with harmonic patterns. Great job .RECOMMENDED.

Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Idris
Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Idris 2018.12.30 16:06 

Good indi so far...we know where the candle

wants to going..buy or sell..start profit but need to backtest n follow all the sop if u can for the best result..dont put all yor bullets after pattern showed..coz the pattern may be redraw..put your bullets layer by layer n make sure manage your MM carefully..just my 2cent...

EDGARS BARTULANS 2019.01.10 14:21 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

JEBUSjr 2019.01.11 09:48 

Nice indicator, I really love it..Very profitable..I advise people to get this indicator, it is the most simplified yet powerful profitable Harmonic indicator. THANKS SHEPHERD

abhi163 2019.01.02 18:55 

unresponsive seller

last messaged 15 days ago

Omotayo Taiwo
Omotayo Taiwo 2019.06.12 17:04 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Finfree 2019.09.01 17:15 

Have been useful so far. Good work!

riiser 2019.11.30 17:08 

Great Indicator, especially when you are patient and wait for the best entry on H1 or H4 seem to get better results. Developer Abdullah helped me out by connecting remotely and resolving my issue. Excellent service, Big thanks.

Yuan Zhao Ng
Yuan Zhao Ng 2019.12.03 11:11 

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budiman14 2019.12.12 00:14 

Did not work as expected. Not Recommended

hassantiger 2018.12.28 04:24 

A model succeeds and ten fail. After an experiment I found it. Not valid for trading. I do not recommend buying it.

Rabih Abdallah
Rabih Abdallah 2020.06.13 19:26 


Obinna27 2020.07.15 01:15 

this indicator is really awesome. it scans the harmonic pattern along with divergence and price which is all one needed as a pattern trader . i will recommend it for everyone. its buying three indicator at the price of one

mohammed fathy
mohammed fathy 2019.05.21 19:25 

very very good i liked it very much very accurate esp on big frames thaaaanks to the author mr.Abdullah

kaveh61 Saleki
kaveh61 Saleki 2020.08.18 07:08 

it is feature packed and works great

Jennifrancess Oduche
Jennifrancess Oduche 2020.08.21 12:34 

This indicator is excellent but you should understand the Harmonics pattern well to know how to use it to make profits,Excellent job

khalil madi
khalil madi 2020.10.01 16:51 

this is the best harmonic indicator ever , all my love to Abdallah

pdg Steven
pdg Steven 2020.10.04 17:07 

hello Sir!! i Dm you!! i buy the product and then i do what i have to do it cant install on my mt4

Responder ao comentário
Versão 9.3 2020.05.29
- Improving for Code .
- Add TP3 Buffer
- Improved Saved Data
Versão 9.2 2018.08.18
- Improve Pattern detecting.
Versão 9.1 2018.08.16
-Bug Fix in Pattern Detiction
Versão 9.0 2018.07.02
1. Code rewritten and it is so faster now.
2. Added buffers to use within EAs.
3. Added Control Panel.
4. Added Indicator Template to save its settings automatically in it.
5. Added Predicted And Manual Patterns Functions.
6. Add Pivots and Camarilla Lines.
7. Added Alarm for price and time lines.
8. Improved Alert and Alarms Functions.
9. Add money management system to calculate every pattern risk size.
Versão 8.9 2017.05.11
*Bug Fix change time frame error.
Versão 8.8 2017.04.28

1 - Add new pattern 123 drives.
2 - Improve alert system
3 - Improve patterns drawing.
4 - Targets will appear only when pattern complete.
5 - Bug fixes.
Versão 8.7 2016.07.14
* Bug Fix error.
Versão 8.6 2016.07.06
1. update panel now it will show you more info .
2. improved money management system that will be shown on panel .
3. added divergence on RSI arrows with panel notify.(Because of many harmonic traders using it).
4. added last detected pattern notify on panel .
5. more accuracy to view patterns.
6. Edited potential reversal zone areas (prz) and added entry zone this is the strongest one and from it price is hard to reverse.