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live sign:https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/565389


This is a grid EA that combines automated and manual automation with the following features.

StartHour ENdHour choice 4~6 12~14  17~19 .you can run any currency and any cfd .

you need run account in above 5000$.

1. The distance of the grid is based on day pivot

2. With moving take profit by pivot and partial close method

3. The grid's add lots method is different from the  Martinger model, but based on the reversalmodel algorithm.

4. What time period can be limited to the first grid?

5. Can use drawing tools Auxiliary trading Horizontal line ,Fibonacci retracement line, Fibonacci extension line ,Rectangular

the horizontal line :    Fill in the description "buy" or   "sell"

Fibonacci retracement line : Fill in the description "buy" or   "sell"  

Fibonacci extension line:  Fill in the description  "buy" or   "sell"

rectangle : Fill in the  description "bf"or  "sf"    mean buy forbidden sell forbidden Set the forbidden trading range for the buy or sell order.the range is bigger than rect down and small than rect  up.

When the market is bigger than one day, if it exceeds the scope of the pivot, it will not be trade.

6. You can set the maximum number of grids, the total amount of grids, and close the position by the amount of loss.

ps:               Recommended to hang in the 1h period. If you want to view the EA's strategy tester speed and 【isShowBoard】=false to close panel, you can set [StopAutoCloseBuy] or [StopAutoCloseSell] to true.

Parameter Description

[MagicNumber]: Different from other EAs

[MaxSpread]: greater than MaxSpread

[startlot]: starting quantity

[when grid full set grid stoploss]: When the total number of orders for multiple orders or empty orders is equal to "grid sum lots max" for all the order settings, the number of stop points at the current position

[grid sum lots max]: total amount of buy or sell

[add lot stratege]: STRATEGY_MID recommended

[TRADE trend]: Under the single or the next single or both sides

[StopAutoBuy]: true It is forbidden to automatically place multiple orders, then you can manually operate. False automation

[StopAutoSell]: true It is forbidden to automatically place an empty order, after which you can manually operate it. False automation

【StopAutoFirstBuy】:manual buy first order

【StopAutoFirstSell】:manual sell first order

[StopAutoCloseBuy]: true Stops automatically closing multiple orders. You can do this manually. False automation

[StopAutoCloseSell]: true Stop automatically close the empty list and you can do it manually. False automation

[breakTP]: Profit reaches breakTP * Point triggers trailing

[trailing]: After breakingTp is reached, cost price + trailing+Point

[MaximumBuyLevels]: Maximum buy level

[MaximumSellLevels]: Maximum selling level

[slippage]: slippage

[isDropDownClose]: Set true dropdownMoney and dropdownPercent to take effect

[dropdownMoney]: Loss reaches dropdownMoney Closed list

[dropdownPercent]: Loss reaches dropdownPercent Closed list Percentage

[isShowBoard]: Display the order panel

The first order is executed during the following time period when StartHour:StartMinute=EndHour:EndMinute does not limit the time

If you fill in 2 0 5 0 12 0 14 0 in turn, it means the first order is executed at 2:00~5:00 and 12:00~14:00.

Fill in 5 0 2 0 12 0 14 0 or 2 0 5 0 14 0 12 0 means StartHour<EndHour parameter setting failed Transaction time is 0:00~24:00

Fill in 2 0 5 0 12 0 12 0 means StartHour1=EndHour1, the trading time is 2:00~5:00

Fill in 2 0 2 0 12 0 14 0 means StartHour=EndHour, the trading time is 12:00~14:00









Operation panel description:

White input box Fill the transaction volume You can directly modify the transaction volume after the first order.

Close sells current single profit : close all sell orders

Close buys current single profit : close all buy orders

Sell ​​single quantity: sell single quantity

Buy single quantity: buy order quantity

Close partial buys single quantity: close 1/3 buy order

Close partial sells single quantity: close 1/3 sell order

Refresh pivot: refresh the axis

Clear draw object: clear drawing object

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Versión 2.11 2019.05.16
Versión 2.1 2019.05.16
close partial lot buy from lowest price ticket and sell from hightest ticket
fix gui remove bug
remove autoset
Versión 2.0 2019.05.05
ADD isAutoSetting risk then can start money auto mode but this mode is only use in currencys and currencys must be 5 digit
Versión 1.18 2019.05.05
mini grid distance auto setting
Versión 1.17 2019.04.29
fix panel button state
Versión 1.16 2019.04.29
fix panel button bug in real
Versión 1.15 2019.04.29
Versión 1.14 2019.04.29
Versión 1.13 2019.04.28
add stop button and chart setting
Versión 1.12 2019.04.27
fix close sell method
Versión 1.11 2019.04.26
Versión 1.1 2019.04.26