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Generator Pro

Generator Pro allows you to create strategies, consisting of optimized virtual strategies (one to hundreds of thousands) based on averaging.

You can either create your own strategies or use the existing ones here https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713893.

Detailed description - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713891

What you can do with this tool?

  • When using multiple strategies, risks are distributed and the probability of losing the deposit decreases;
  • It is possible to combine, edit and further optimize the strategies;
  • It is possible to track the state of virtual strategies and manage them;
  • Global recovery can be used.


  • Experience with the MetaTrader 4 terminal;
  • The starting deposit depends on the strategy, with a default of 5000;
  • The more strategies are used, the more processing power and memory are required;
  • The M15 period is recommended.


1) TradeMode - trading mode;


  • Risk - risk;
  • AutoFixBalance - auto FixedBalance;
  • FixedBalance - fixed balance;
  • Min Lot To Start - minimum lot size;
  • Frequency – minimum next lot;
  • Max. Total Lots - the maximum limit;
  • Auto GMT – automatic calculation of GMT;
  • ManualGMTOffset=2 – manual GMT setting;
  • SummerTime – Daylight Saving Time;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • SpreadLimit – spread limit;
  • Commission - commission;
  • Magic Number – unique number;
  • Orders Comment – comment;
  • FIFO – use the FIFO rule;
  • Partition Close – partial closure;
  • Real Positions Mode - real position mode;
  • Limit Orders Of Symbol – limit open positions by symbol;


  • NewsFilter - news filter;
  • Time Filter - time filter;
  • Close And Remember Before Weekend - close and remember the positions before the weekend;
  • Slow Closing on Friday - gradual closure on Friday;
  • Close All And Restart After DD,% – close and resume operation;
  • Close All And Remember After DD,% – close and remember positions;
  • SaveToExtarerecoveryAfterDD 


  • ExtraRecovery (work if >1) – additional recovery value;
  • Global Variable for ExtraRecovery - global variable for ExtraRecovery;
  • UltraExtraRecovery – dynamic ExtraRecovery;
  • kExtraRecovery – coefficient;
  • MinxtraRecovery - minimum value;
  • MaxExtraRecovery - maximum value;
  • NotCloseLostStrategies - do not close losing strategies;
  • AutoRestart;
  • NotAverageIfMoreMaxRealLots - do not average if lot size is larger than MaxTotalLots;
  • NotLimitBalance - do not limit the balance;
  • NotLimitMaxLot - do not limit the lot size;


  • DynamicExcludeMode - dynamic exclusion;
  • Top_Mode - criterion;
  • Top_Size - top;
  • UseIgnorFile - use the ignore file;
  • IgnorFile - name;
  • Random_Create_Mode
  • Random_Strategies


  • Strategy - select the strategy;
  • Volatility Multiplier - multiplier;


7.1) MAIN:

  • pVirtualBalance; pVirtualBalance2; pVirtualBalanceInc - virtual balance;
  • pStartLots;...2;... Inc - initial lot;
  • pMaxLots;... - maximum lot;
  • pStepLots;... - minimum step;
  • pChangeLots;... - multiplier;
  • pProfitFactor;... - required profit;
  • pTrendPer;... - trend period;
  • pLimitDayPrice;... - limit on movement;
  • pReverseInd;... - reversal indicator;
  • pDelta=100;... - maximum averaging distance;
  • pMaxTotalOrd;... - maximum number of virtual orders;
  • pLimitOnReverse;... - limit on the reversal of positions.
  • pReduceLotsAfterReverse;... - reduce the amount of lots during a reversal;
  • pAllowReduceLotsFrom;... - allow reducing lots from this value;


  • virtual reversal;
  • dynamic levels;
  • wait for the next bar for opening;
  • wait for the next bar for closing;
  • fix the distance for closing;
  • normalize the lots;
  • averaging in both directions;
  • averaging in the trend direction;
  • averaging starting from the top (bottom) positions;
  • reverse positions if profit >= 0;
  • place all losses in ExtraRecovery;
  • close positions if Delta is reached;
  • inverse the indicator of the first position;
  • select the direction;


Detailed description - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713891

Positive results in the past do not guarantee profit in the future

ozzyno76 2018.08.31 11:28 

Deserves a beautiful 5-star, excellent expert, still with so much potential for development

Tang Ou
Tang Ou 2018.06.14 08:37 

14/06: After more than one month, almost all my other EAs (Break out, momentum, Night Scalper EAs), are losing huge money, during last few weeks. But, this EA is standing out and profitable. It takes losses from time to time, and recovered very quickly.


Use the EA for few weeks and I completely forget about it, because its DD is very low, but profitable.

With a combined strategies (HP and GP combined), the DD is lower with higher profit than a single strategy, even though HP is an excellence product.

Versión 1.4 2018.10.09
- Changed function: SpreadLimit. Now the limit is compared with the current and the average of 10 ticks spread. If the limit is exceeded, calculations are stopped (equivalent to pressing the Stop button)
Versión 1.3 2018.09.27
- Added Random module to CreateMode
- Changed the description of the first line in the file (does not affect the strategies)
- Changed, after initialization or restart, the EA waits for the next bar before opening positions
- Added, SaveToExtarerecoveryAfterDD
- Added display menu option MaxDD and SaveToExtarerecoveryAfterDD
Versión 1.2 2018.05.25
1) Fixed the Extrarecovery function for the Global variable.
2) Modified the NormalizeLots function, set a limit on the maximum lot size.
3) Modified the NotAverageInMoreMaxRealLots function.
4) Modified the NotLimitMaxLots function, set a limit on the maximum lot size.
5) Modified the NotLimitMaxBalance function, set a limit on the maximum balance size.
6) Added the CloseOnly button. In this mode, the virtual strategies are only closed, without addition of new positions.
7) Added the CloseOnly mode for displaying the news to the Filters tab.
8) Changed the default settings ManualGMTOffset=3, SummerTime=true.
9) Added new parameters pAllowReduceLotsFrom=0, pAllowReduceLotsFrom2=0, pAllowReduceLotsFromInc=0.1 - allow decreasing the lots using the pReduceLotsAfterRevers parameter starting from the number of lots greater than pAllowReduceLotsFrom.
Versión 1.1 2018.03.06
- Fixed calculation when NotAverageIfMoreMaxRealLot=true.
- Fixed displaying NeedToRecover information for TwoSeparatePositions.
- Changed the AutoRestart option, it now also works for the NotAverageIfMoreMaxRealLot=true option.
- NotLimitBalance - fixed, now if TRUE, it will increase 2 times in case of virtual balance shortage.
- Added NewsFilterMode=CloseOnly. In this mode, the EA will work only in the mode of closing virtual positions.