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Grid Hero

Grid Hero is a fully automated EA that uses a revolutionary Grid algorithm (P.A.M.A.) together with a signature synergy of Price Action trading and an Artificial Instinct Self-Adaptive Processing Unit.

Grid Hero was strictly developed, tested and optimized using the "Reversed Sampling" development methodology based on "In-Sample" phase (2012 to 2017) and "Out-Of-Sample" phase (2004 to 2011).

It has passed 13 years back test of real tick data and real variable spread (with commission) from 2004 to 2017.

It has also passed the Monte Carlo Robustness Test with 2000 simulation runs on trade randomization, as well as the simulated Delayed Slippage Test.


  • Built-in Fast-In-Fast-Out scalping technique.
  • Built-in Trend Detection over multiple time frames.
  • Built-in Time Filter, Volatility Filter and Spread Filter.
  • Built-in Price Action Troopers Modules.
  • Built-in Artificial Instinct Self-Adaptive Processing Unit.
  • Built-in News Filter with News Display Panel.


  • EA Settings: Use default settings or set files.
  • Symbol: EURUSD.
  • Time Frame: H1.
  • Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:400 leverage, non-FIFO or FIFO.
  • Trading Condition: Ranging.
  • Minimum Deposit: $4000 USD.


  • Start Lot Size: Initial lot size
  • Lot Size Plus: Lot size plus value
  • Max Lot Size: Maximum allowed lot size
  • Enable Auto Lot Sizing On Fixed Funds: Cap auto lot to fixed funds amount
  • Allocate Fixed Funds Amount For Auto Lot: Set funds amount for auto lot (min: 3000)
  • Enable Auto Lot Sizing: For Start Lot Size, Lot Size Plus, & Max Grid Lot Size
  • Balance Amount Per Lot Size Step: Balance amount for each lot size step if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Lot Size Step: Lot size step value if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Lot Size Max Limit: Max limit of lot size if auto lot sizing is enabled
  • Max Trades: Max number of trades
  • Max Slippage (in points): Max amount of slippage
  • Magic Number: Magic number
  • Trade Comment: Trade comment
  • Enable FIFO: Enable FIFO mode (for FIFO broker)
  • Grid Step: Minimum grid step distance
  • First Order Pips Profit: Pips to take profit for first order
  • Grid Basket Min Pips Profit: Minimum pips to take profit for grid basket
  • Enable Profit Spike Close Feature: Close basket on profit spike
  • Enter Profit Spike Amount (in % of balance): Profit spike amount in % of balance
  • Enable Single Grid Cycle: Single grid cycle mode
  • Enable Quick Profit Mode All Time: Minimum profit mode at all time
  • Close All Trades and Stop Trading: Immediately close all trades and stop trading
  • Enable Retry Grid Order Check: Retry open grid order after 5 mins if unsuccessful
  • Enable Close Grid Order Check: Retry close grid order if unsuccessful
  • Display [Close All Opened Orders] Button: Display [Close All Open Orders] button on chart
  • Enable Time Filter For First Order Entry: Time filter for first order entry
  • Select Trading Time Filter Mode: 2 different modes of time filter
  • Broker's Winter GMT Offset: Only applicable to Built In Optimized Trading Time mode
  • User Defined Trading Start Time (Your Broker's Server Time): Only applicable to User Defined Trading Time mode
  • User Defined Trading End Time (Your Broker's Server Time): Only applicable to User Defined Trading Time mode
  • Enable Volatility Filter For First Order Entry: Volatility filter first order entry
  • Enable Price Action Troopers: Price Action Troopers modules for first order entry
  • Enable Artificial Instinct Processor & Modules: Artificial Instinct Processor Unit & Modules
  • Enable Delayed Monday Start: Enable delayed Monday start
  • Enable Early Friday Close: Enable early Friday close
  • Trade On Sunday~Saturday: Enable trading on individual day of week
  • Enable Spread Filter: Enable Spread Filter
  • Max Spread (in points): Max spread for the spread filter
  • Enable Balance Protection: Enable balance protection & features
  • Enable Push Notification: Enable push notifications
  • Enabled News Filter: Enable the News Filter (refer to Grid Hero FAQ for description of the News Filter parameters)
  • Enable Display Panel: Enable Display Panel

alecsstefan 2019.03.18 10:52 

I've been using this EA on two live accounts with positive results for several months. Small but steady profits.

Alesamo 2019.03.16 12:53 

From hero to zero... Lost a lot of money with this EA with recommended setting and with a broker many are using here (ECN). EA worked for quite some time, but the market changed end of 2018, and the EA could not adapt to that. The author, unfortunately, seems not to be willing to make any adjustments, just wants to sell additional copies (at least this is my impression, although I think he already made a fortune with this EA). I like the review from "Spudmonkey" a bit below, true words there...

Hosch 2019.03.12 14:06 

Guys, use only Cent Accounts, never use a Grid for a standard Mt4 account. I run this EA with 100 000 Cent Account. My Accont is increasing. This is the best Cent Account EA on MT4. Never but never use your own saved money on standard mt4 for this kind of EA. It is dangerous and you will loose all of your money. Hero Grid EA is very dangerous.

Joe Mastro
Joe Mastro 2019.03.11 20:48 

Finally im adding my comment, eventually the hero will take your money as well,just like mine and many others,

I lost all of my account early jan 19, two months have passed and still no help or answers from the developer.

Giuliano Pullano
Giuliano Pullano 2019.02.26 00:01 

GH is a very good EA. In my opinion the only problem is in managing the size and the number of operations it opens. That is why I have just created a free signal for all those who do not want to risk too much.

For all fans like me of Grid Hero I created a free signal that does not suffer a big drawdown. In practice I created another EA that filters the operations of GH both in terms of size and the number of trades open at the same time.

Signal characteristics:

The required capital is $ 1000 and is also fine with the new ESMA margins.

In the retrospective test from 2004 to 2018 he had a maximum DD of 15%

Safety stop loss for extraordinary events not yet happened is 50%

The grid opens up to 10 trades.

The maximum overall size adding up all the trades is 0.27

The grid also closes in negative and not only if it is in gain.

In the retrospective test, the minimum gain per year was 30%


wild1998 2019.02.25 09:29 

Late praise, very good EA, he has completely let me out of manual trading!

Qun Li
Qun Li 2019.02.24 21:10 

Very profitable

caspius 2019.02.18 14:50 

One of the safest and best EA's you can purchase. Recent news has made a lot of people lose tons of money, but even in backtest, that is obvious. Please leave your account alone and do regular weekly checks. That should give you a better view!

wanghao_205 2019.02.12 17:11 

I liked this one. But it really disappoints me these days. I lost 12k and broken my account yesterday with author’s recommended setting. I’m so confused that my other account which use the same broker, VPS and also the same setting didn’t get any DD, but no one knows why. I’ll remove this EA form my real account and continue testing on a demo one.

Salman Munir
Salman Munir 2019.02.10 21:42 

With all these recent negative reviews coming in, I'd like to say that it needs a little more sense than just following guides to make profit in financial markets. Even though it isn't recommended to use this EA on other products, I kept on refining my strategy till it was good enough. Made 17% last month on Nasdaq 100. Tested and tried for months on demos before that and spent over 2 months only on refining my strategy. Take your time, optimize it for the product you understand. Nobody would sell you a $488 money making machine that'll do wonders with default settings

Poornachandran 2019.02.10 20:15 

This EA wiped off many accounts on January. Stay away ! Too much risk to take for 2-4% a month return !

Francesco del Vecchio
Francesco del Vecchio 2019.02.10 17:58 

Fairly happy with it, delivers steady income, but reccomendation on size are completely wrong. I use 0.01 whit 10.000. I don't think I would use anything less than this for ANY grid strategy.

eneloop 2019.02.10 13:27 

This is only a "gird" , not "hero" , hero does not exist and all so-called "hero" is human , human will always die someday.

SpudMonkey 2019.02.09 09:33   

Run backtests with $3000 as per author's recommended guidelines for January 2019 - February 2019, you'll find the answer in whether or not to purchase GH.

EURUSD hasn't spiraled out of any technicalities due to political reasons...this response from the author gives a clear indication of their lack of understanding of the market. For the past several months EUR/USD has been stuck in a very consistent range: 1.13-1.15. This is despite talks of "murky" Brexit outcomes, various holiday shutdowns, and the FOMC limiting its case for tightening monetary policy or raising interest rates further in 2019. As the author has stated in his review of his product, it is designed for Range Trading (I'd hate to know what would of happened had the EUR/USD spiked out of its current range cycle to the upside and gone on a rally, given that the 24th of January showed a rather poor reading from the EA). To open the 1st Sell trade at a Support Level that has consistently been impenetrable despite several attempts, speaks volumes.

What ensued, was the plethora of comments now found against Grid Hero. For a product to evolve, it's a good idea to admit error and correct accordingly. The author has done little to convince me that they see where they have made mistakes, and to date, guidance still stands at a minimum account balance of $3000 despite this Epic Fail. The excuses about FOMC and politics, absolute hogwash, man up a little and take one on the chin. You have after all made a small fortune selling this overpriced product, which in its 2 years of existence has now failed. Learn from this failure, and protect future investors by adjusting what needs to be adjusted, and perhaps even humbling yourself enough to say "Sorry, lets prevent this from happening again."

Martingale and Grid correctly adapted can make small profits when SL is primed. This product has potential but what it lacks, is backbone.

svovas 2019.02.09 08:06 

No magic here. Followed instructions. Lost 3K

OlgaSnizhko 2019.02.08 09:23 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Jae Bae
Jae Bae 2019.02.07 20:01 

I've been using this EA since April 2018 and it's done better job at trading than I ever could. It trades best on Virtual Hosting. I ran this EA on both VH and on my PC. I noticed on my PC, I'd loose out on trades and some trades will close at loss. I too have come close to my trades stopping out. But that's my fault for risking too much. Trades that go against the trend, EA always closes with some profit and some profit maybe very little, it's better than losing. I'd suggest tweaking with setting that work best with your broker and test it out first before trading with your hard earned money. This EA is working as intended and if anyone lost with it, it's probably due to poor account setup and risking too much. And having a virtual hosting is a must unless you have the best computer and internet connection.

cshud224 2019.02.07 07:22 

Lost amount of money using the recommendations of this author. Author "assesses" regularly market, but does not understand it at all. Blames FED when his EA blows up his wortless demo account. When backtesting reveals serious problems, he blames the supllier of the data, of course, this is wrong. But the mob is blind following the guru leader again I see one week after a total crash. If author does not want to learn from his failures, this will continue.

jc4fun 2019.02.06 07:48 

Using since September 2018. So fare 30% profit. EA working well. Developper constantly helping user. User need self MM and to not be to greedy. 5 stars well deserved. Thanks you

Mokhlesi Iman
Mokhlesi Iman 2019.02.05 09:26   

I lost $ 3,000

With the software is $ 3488

ksusanti 2019.02.05 01:58 

High-risk EA! It's not worth your money! GH did not survive 200 pips up/downtrend! You can find much better EA with a much lower price!

tsidarta 2019.02.03 16:56 

I stop using GH for good! Many other lower price EAs are much better than GH! GH blows up lots of people's accounts! The creator never listen to suggestions for improvement! I wish I could get a refund!!!

Branislav Truchly
Branislav Truchly 2019.02.03 16:09 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Virmantas Juocevicius
Virmantas Juocevicius 2019.02.02 07:48 

Great EA - use proper risk management and trustful broker. Small DD on real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/410743, running it since March 2018. Great work, Dave, thanks!

BR, Virmantas

LFOA 2019.02.01 17:53 

Nadir hit the nail on the head.

Don't expect this to be a risk-free investment. This is just delusional. If you want to use this EA:

1. Don't invest more than you can lose

2. Always keep an eye on your trades

3. Be ready to step in in case things get too ugly

If you do this, you will be fine.

nadir63 2019.02.01 14:38 

People who believe this EA is just a money printing machine and are not smart enough to manually manage their orders when things take a bad turn, should refrain from posting reviews, and possibly from trading. You must realize that this program works exactly as it was designed, and that there is no magic algorithm in the world that will prevent a martingale system (call it grid if you wish) to blow up your account if you let it run unattended long enough. GH is a good grid manager: it enters the market wisely most of the times (@Dave but this can be still IMPROVED! sometimes you can immediately spot that you are in trouble) and recovers nicely too. But remember that any profit in this kind of game is just LENT money: how much of it you can actually make yours it's entirely up to you.

Muhammad Zubir Bin Abdul Basir
Muhammad Zubir Bin Abdul Basir 2019.02.01 02:11 

dont buy this product,,lied

Jose Francisco Albarral Barea
Jose Francisco Albarral Barea 2019.01.31 10:12 


Will 2019.01.31 08:27 

Blew up $52k using this EA. Dave you should have had the foresight to tell everyone to manually close down their trades and take a loss with the impending Fed news coming out. Was a complete and utter roll of the dice. Not happy!

1qaz2wsx33 2019.01.31 06:30 

Would have blown up my 70k account if I was not lucky enough to manually close out a bad short and shut down GH. I have lost trust in this EA and will not be using it any more. (Never should have trusted grid/martingale in the first place, but back tests were convincing)

TonyThach 2019.01.31 01:25 

I have blown my 3,000$ account on my second week use... Martingale is a very dangerous strategy. The robot went 19 lots on me while trading the opposite trend. If you do purchase... Please make sure you have an account around 15,000$ on lowest set files settings... I'm a little disheartened that this didn't work out... I even asked if I should be holding these trades before I was about to exit them. I was told to hold it. So I did... Now no more money :/

Reinout Vandepitte
Reinout Vandepitte 2019.01.30 22:31 

0 stars; without manually intervention grid hero would have blown up my account on the FED news being short with GH for already 15 lots,following all Dave's recommendations. It's a martingale and I should have known better these "worst case" scenarios happen... I manually closed Grid Hero 2 hours ago and took a loss of 8800EURO (>10.000$) on my account. Hereby I also publicly declare never ever trust on a martingale system, never ever invest any money on any robot, because in the long run a robot never knows it's wrong.

Andrey Yunak
Andrey Yunak 2019.01.30 21:06 

Разрушен очередной миф о возможности зарабатывания сеткой. А жаль...

Автор удалил сгоревший

Рарушен очередной миф о возможности зарабатывать сеткой и мартингейлом. А жаль...

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2019.01.30 20:58 

Today all members of this EA confirm, this EA is simple dangerous martingale EA. 14 trades with higher and higher lots , then come FOMC and eurusd spike 80 pips agains Grid Hero ... This is luck system. Yes maybe this big agains is 1 per month, half year or year, but every martingale system is matter of time for blown account. No care if this will now close with profit, simple is very dangerous.

iccapital 2019.01.30 08:19 

Dave's live trading results speaks for himself.

Make sure you have a large account.

He always replies.

Thanks Dave

hizicpainter 2019.01.30 07:40 

I've done A LOT of back testing with this EA using 99.9% tick modeling quality. I've tried testing month by month, week by week, year by year, using large starting balances and low starting balances. The results are always positive. I used the high risk set file and it always pulled through. After increasing the risk a bit manually, for example having a starting balance of 2,000,000 and a max lot that is greater than 6.0 it does crash in November 2008, but this was going beyond the high risk set file. That told me that the author has spent a lot of time taking even the highest risk of scenarios and even stayed conservative in the high risk set file. Once I set it back to the high risk set file default, it pulled through the November 2008 DD. I've been using it live for about a week now and the results have been positive. I'll circle back in a few months with more.

Jinming Cao
Jinming Cao 2019.01.27 08:28 


Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.01.16 04:16 

Would be better, still optimistic about this EA, support the author.

the-big-buy 2019.01.15 02:02   

da me non funziona, poi mi dice che ho istallato 4 su 5, boh. a malapena su 2 piattaforme è stato istallato, il creatore mi vuole rispondere o no ? grazie

Patrick 2019.01.14 21:18 

Very Good and Stable EA with Top Results. Take care of your Money Management!!! Follow the advise of Dave!

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.01.10 19:25 

the top

Yeun Jung Hwan
Yeun Jung Hwan 2019.01.07 12:39   

lcg What is the London Capital Group GMT Set?

Mahmoud Shwaish
Mahmoud Shwaish 2019.01.07 02:13 

Seller need to make new update for this after the crash to remain the confident back . so far i am not ok to use it , i do not know if i have to give 5 stars .

Michael 2019.01.05 05:59 

WOW! - I think that statement is the only way that I can describe the experience I have had with this EA and the support from Dave so far.

I purchased the Grid Hero EA back in July 2018 and it has been solid and running very strong ever since. I must admit I am "fascinated" with EA's and have trialled several of them over the years to compliment manual trading. The Grid Hero EA has produced a good return for me each month for the last 6 months and I'm really looking forward to seeing what it can do in 2019!

Dave, your support and response times also need to be commended. I’ll update this review again during 2019.

* * * * * * - 6 stars

Brian Ng
Brian Ng 2019.01.04 07:21 

I purchased the GH on 30 Nov. Having few days testing I put it to run on my live account. I have not run it much time because of the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, it has already earn back the money I used for this purchase.

The GH is quite boring and slowly to earn money - mostly less than US$20 a day, or even less than $10. However, it keeps earning money gradually and sometimes give me some "HOME RUN" for extra money - I got two times of HOME RUN and the most one it was $212. As long as you have enough fund in the account ($3000 according to the recommendation), I feel quite comfort this EA can help to earn steady income constantly.

5 stars no doubt!!

Mikedpa1 2018.12.19 15:45 

Mikedpa1 2018.01.14 21:17 #


i rented this EA, started on a demo and transitioned to a live trading account. the results have been excellent. On both demo and live accounts the EA has been consistent with making money. my balance has increased steadily.

the developer is super fast with support and extremely helpful. version 9.3 will have FIFO support, which is AWESOME!, thanks.

i would definitely recommend this EA as a good one

update 12/19/2018

GH has been running for me for the past 12 months. it has steadily been giving me 2% return every month. it was great. it's the only EA I've purchased in the market that actually worked. I had an experience last month where the grid opened enough positions to max out my account balance, but did eventually close in profit. another grid opened the week of 12/17 that maxed out my account balance again and the EUR/USD kept moving against me. I eventually went into margin calls and had to close some positions manually. the grid ended being closed by myself manually as the currency pair continued it's move against me. I had GH running on 3 different accounts. 1 of them closed with a small loss. 32.00. the other 2 accounts gave back all the gains for the year, a five figure amount. I'm US based, 1:50 leverage, the developer does recommend 1:400. I'm sure that plays a role. just be aware if you are US based you may experience a similar experience if EUR/USD goes on a prolonged trend.

YanSay 2018.12.17 16:35 

Safe and very intelligent EA with great support from the author!

Hussain Saadoun
Hussain Saadoun 2018.12.17 00:06 

Amazing EA

If yoy don’t know how to manage your risk with it

Go away and don’t use it or quit from forex

Best EA with 5 stars

Thanakorn Poolsawat
Thanakorn Poolsawat 2018.12.10 13:38 

No stress Good support

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2018.12.07 06:15 

Grid hero, not greed hero.

Absolute top on the long term with large accounts.

Tommy_The_Gun 2018.12.05 21:53 

Great EA. I've been using it for 3 months and it works as I expect. And it is very safe!

Petrus Jacobus De Wit
Petrus Jacobus De Wit 2018.12.05 15:13 

One of the best EA's I have seen thus far. Great work. Will update my review if it is needed. Profits now are rolling! :D

Skylar Zerr
Skylar Zerr 2018.12.05 01:02 

I waited 3 months to post this review.

David "Chock Hwee" is a diligent programmer. Today, My account is up 12% in these three months. Really special EA. THANK YOU SENSEI DAVID.

Ian Straw
Ian Straw 2018.12.04 19:50 

Simply outstanding EA. All you have to do is follow the rules, then set and forget. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying different currencies, timeframes, lots etc, don’t get greedy - follow the rules and follow the rules again. You will be rewarded. As for Dave, an absolute genius that provides a product and service second to none.

marc1077 2018.12.04 17:04 

Amazing Grid EA survives everything from 2004 till today with outstanding Profit:) The Author is also very supportive... I can really recommend Grid Hero

Dane Falkner
Dane Falkner 2018.12.01 04:01 

This EA works well. I keep the amount allotted to it small because at times this EA can build huge positions and when it does you have to make sure not to interrupt it. Just trust it and let it work.

Wind direction
Wind direction 2018.11.29 15:12 

There is no doubt that this is a good EA. You can trust him, use it according to the author's request, and then leave the computer to enjoy your life.

thecupofawesome 2018.11.13 17:13 

About 6 months in I have a nice return on investment, consistent with version 9.3 high risk results. Very stable and made for long term profits, while the only con being a fail safe is the margin of the account (with obvious optional stop loss included) I believe that this has virtually no faults due to extensive testing on different times, lots, brokers, leverage, starting values and stress testing on various amounts of lots. The recommended values are wise to take, however, as a US trader, my leverage is 1:50, and I am still making profitable results with no sweat. Consider buying it, if you have spare cash, I'm glad I did.

matteo74 2018.11.09 18:55 

about two months ago I bought Grid hero, before doing so I have long considered comments and reviews. up to now I'm doing work on 4 accounts of different brocker and I have to say with great satisfaction. Grid hero in my opinion has great potential and has given me an impressive consistency of results. this security made me decide to put it to the real market from next January. I thank Dave for his work and for the great availability, congratulations!

brusm3 2018.11.03 01:50 

Super EA, nice support.

shanspacelk 2018.11.01 09:15 

thanks for your great product

amsousa86 2018.10.29 12:13 

Excellent EA. Consistent, risk management oriented.

Great Work Dave.

Marcel Vonarburg
Marcel Vonarburg 2018.10.24 20:23 

I highly recommend the EA.

Profit is consistent, support and updates are beyond expectations. Current performance is about 1.5% per month (this base on 6 months live account)

5lqm393 2018.10.24 18:43 

1 month. no loss. slow but steady grow. excellent after sell help. tx Dave

myth641 2018.10.23 08:08 

Simply amazing

Mohammad Yousaf Hameedi
Mohammad Yousaf Hameedi 2018.10.20 09:58 

I will not recommend it.

ebb 2018.10.13 13:21 

Ovied 2018.10.11 16:07 

Masterpiece. Low risk. Steady profit. Follow recommendations of Dave and you will be just fine.

dssay 2018.10.09 12:56 

This is a good abd safe product. It uses the GH concept, therefore users must be comfortable with this before buying. I tested the GH on Demo and acheived +7.59% in 3 months (july-sept 2018). It wont make u rich overnight. However u can trust it get you out of tricky situations and announcement and manage the trade for you. In short it grinds the trade results out for you. Important GH is from my fellow country man. Proud of you.

Sayed Mohamed Shehab
Sayed Mohamed Shehab 2018.10.05 14:51 

hi Dave

Until now 5 stars .. and I wish it will be continue .. thanks for helping all of us to get some extra income

wxopark 2018.10.05 14:23 

Very good support from the developer. Has been making profits for the last 2 months (around 2% per month). You need to be comfortable that this is grid i.e. it's a bit like Martingale. You can see heavy equity loss if the market goes against the trade for a long period of time but if you hang in their and let the system take care, it will take you back to break-even. It can be nerve wracking and I will limit to running a standard risk profile.

boy.1980 2018.10.04 06:52 

Best ea of this year. I've been searching for a long time.

Borosoiu Lucian
Borosoiu Lucian 2018.10.03 11:58 

Best EA on the market! Stable profits with low risk. Live signal in my profile

Fabrizietto71 2018.10.01 09:44   

Goog morning and sorry for my english. I'i m an italian trader and I bought Grid Hero, I think that my configuration is ok to let to operarate the software but in the calendar, when I load my MT4 I have nocice this symbol : a yellow triangle with this message that says:

Expert Market\Grid Hero EURUSD, H1: loaded successfully. I think that the triangle means something wrong in the configuration.

Can you help me? Thanks in advance...

Fabrizio Celesti.

George Sin
George Sin 2018.09.27 17:18 

Never see a EA which is so stable and low DD and the after sale service is good. This is what a professional looking for. Signals are 99% match to my real live account (ICM). I think I have found the Holy Grail in the forex market and I am very sure I can retire with comfy or even earlier. Dave Thank you X 100000000000000000

hansbb 2018.09.27 10:10 

Very good EA with stable results in the first months of usage.

Super Support from Dave!

Thx Dave for creating this one!

mgnetwork 2018.09.25 03:27 

Stress free and remarkable. Just let the profit set in.

Devoted seller who constantly perfect his EA adding new feature unlike others who will repackaged and sell it as another new product.

Keep up the good work !

Gustavo Moser
Gustavo Moser 2018.09.19 18:20 

Amazing Support and Great EA.

No Stress

5 Stars =)

asanli 2018.09.08 22:05 

Amazing customer support and excellent EA. I wonder if Chock even sleeps.

ryrylonsdale 2018.09.08 19:47 

Great Support, Amazing EA.

Up 9% in 3 months, all very stress free

5 Stars

Nelastrasza 2018.08.30 20:23 

Great EA!

Using it for 5 months now with steady profits. This is for everyone who can live with the way grid trading works and is able to follow Dave´s instructions.

Dave´s support is outstanding!

Thank you Dave!

Albertfong1234 2018.08.30 09:16 

Dear Dave I have bought EA Grid Hero In Aug 2018.

The EA is running and making money for my live account now.

Hope that you are making another EA and a lot of Us are waiting to buy from you.

Excellent EA and best support after sale. 5 Stars.

Rail Zagidullin
Rail Zagidullin 2018.08.29 17:40 

This is the best tool for investing. I use more than 1 month, the result is good!

Dong Hwan Kwon
Dong Hwan Kwon 2018.08.29 08:03 

for 90 days, I've got 16.8%. good steady return.


Ponpoj Thienpradi
Ponpoj Thienpradi 2018.08.28 10:06 

This EA is best investment i ever made in my life :)

gflex187 2018.08.27 09:42 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2018.08.27 01:19 

Grid Hero is the best EA I have found in about 4 years Forex trading. I have tried many systems, manual and automatic and have never seen such consistent, low risk returns that Grid Hero provides.

kamalk911 2018.08.22 12:15 

This is the Best EA i've seen for a long time. I have bought it and its working perfect with my Platform. Shout Out and Thumbs up to Daveng.

pablo79s 2018.08.21 23:37 

It is a great EA! Very good support. Thanks Dave!

Peter Wu
Peter Wu 2018.08.17 14:09 

Amazing EA and friendly creator who always provides extensive help! :)

panwichien 2018.08.14 10:13 

Good EA.

Very good support.

jonage 2018.08.14 00:11 

Trully impressive EA and great support from the developer.

Thanks Dave for this amazing product!

Krasimir Ivanov
Krasimir Ivanov 2018.08.12 09:54 

Amazing product with great support from the developer. Truly smart algorithm! 5 stars are not enough to grate it fairly.

vladimir9010 2018.08.11 15:21 

I woud like to give my gratitude to Dave fot the great work. Grid Hero works excellent and the author is very kind and until not he has answered all my questions.

Chyi Ren Lim
Chyi Ren Lim 2018.08.10 17:59 

Best investment I've made in my life!

be_mart 2018.08.05 11:55 

I've been using this EA for a good couple of months now and have steadily grown the account profits. Keep to what the EA is designed for and you will be happy with this. Moreover, I've never seen such a quick response and support from the developer Dave. I fully endorse this EA and look forward to future profits!

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 2018.08.05 09:00 

I've been using this relatively for not that long. i.e. since 1st May 18. So far so good. it's not in the market too often but often gets profits, then if you get into a grid, assuming you aren't over-leveraged, then you'll survive in a breeze, and most likely come out with some very decent profits. slow and steady with this one.

kannanna 2018.08.04 07:28 

Have been running 2 months now. Overall profit and definitely worth investing. Dave always promptly reply to any questions and gave good advises to help setup EA. Thumbs up, keep up the good work.

Aaron Chen Li
Aaron Chen Li 2018.07.28 05:35 

I have used this EA for two months. Conservative but very stable. Very little drawdown. Fantastic job

Eric Gimonet
Eric Gimonet 2018.07.27 08:09 

Grid hero is the best EA with a grid approach.

After 2 months using Dave's EA, I'm completly satisfied.

Few trades but quality trades! That's what I expect.

Update end January 19 :

- I'm using very conservative approach with 12.000€ per 0.01 starting lot and EA works fine : agressive trading with less than 10.000€ is too risky

Alison Ian De Guzman
Alison Ian De Guzman 2018.07.26 23:45 

Great EA. Very stable profits. Superb support from the author.

Follow Dave's recommended settings and you will be alright.


Checkmark GmbH
Markus Goss 2018.07.26 09:52 

Lost some money on other grid systems, but this one really works great. It doesn't trade very often, but when it does, it wins. Always be careful on money management and keeping your lotsize low to avoid possible margin calls. When drawdown appears, GridHero builds up very high lot sizes as all martingale systems do. So, if you don't like grid + martingale, stay away from this. If you like and want to dare, I recommend GridHero as the one to trust. Additionally, the vendor is very experienced and supportive. Thank you for all, Dave!

Wim Schrynemakers
Wim Schrynemakers 2018.07.26 07:58 

The name of the EA says it all: it is a grid system, but doing it like a Hero! I've tested many grid systems in the past but all of them failed my tests so I never ran them on live accounts. This is the only one that passed the tests and this is the only one that I'm risking my own money on. Great work!

Aleksandr P
Aleksandr P 2018.07.23 10:30 

I use this EA for 2 months. It works steadily and brings profit. Of course, as the name implies, it is a grid, a dangerous tool. But security is given a lot of attention here, it is in the first place.

Recommendation for beginners: please follow Dave's recommendations! They are simple and clear. This will save you your money, healthy nerves and hair on your head.

Arthit Arunroj
Arthit Arunroj 2018.07.22 20:00 

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chainsaw1de 2018.07.21 09:02 

I've been using Grid Hero for 1.5 months on my real account. I'm more than happy with the results! Also, it is remarkable how quickly Dave answers questions. Obviously, Grid Hero is a very thoroughly thought through product with an outstanding support!

Nairam18 2018.07.20 15:21 

Amazing EA and great support from the developer!

Carmelo Davide Amico
Carmelo Davide Amico 2018.07.20 14:56 

Perfect , 4% in one day 👍🏼, i write one update evey month

Andreas Zueger
Andreas Zueger 2018.07.19 22:56 

In my eyes the most stable and viable EA I have come across. Stable profits and will probably survive in the long term. Also AAA+ support from developer Dave!

Rene1987 2018.07.19 16:21 

I trade Grid Hero EA live since 3 months and it works very well with stable profit, i like the EA because the return is good and the drawdowns was not to high while this time. If you have questions Dave answer fast and give good recommendation! Perfect service!! Thanks for this nice EA Dave!

Waiyawut Singhsumalee
Waiyawut Singhsumalee 2018.07.19 08:26 

I have try several products and i have to admit that, David who create this product know his thing. He very quick on response and also here to help. No question ask to recommend you David.

MaLe80 2018.07.12 17:26 

So, after using Grid Hero for 5 month and having my invested money back, I can say: this is an incredible Expert Advisor.

I like the way it is working. Only one time frame, only one FX pair. That´s how a good EA is working. And Grid Hero is proofing it.

Dave is always polite and friendly, normally he is answering all questions at least one time a day. This is a very good support.

Grid Hero I honstly can recommend.

Franck Gentzbittel
Franck Gentzbittel 2018.07.09 23:25 

The best EA, just perfect and amazing !

Tobias 2018.06.25 03:54 

Simply do not understand the excitement surrounding this EA. It has historical drawdown of over $2000 for a starting lot of 0.01 on conservative settings.

its an EA based on a gambling gimmick, ideal for kids and chancers.. enjoy while it lasts

Aravind 2018.06.24 01:12 

Awesome EA. This EA earns slow but steadily. Does *not* enter into positions all the time and is a safe EA. Manages positions effectively, even if positions goes against you. You can stay worry free unlike all other scary EA out there (unlike a major catastrophic event occurs as author cautioned).

jasonlijiaxiang 2018.06.22 08:12 

This is a true money maker!!! This is a true money maker!!! This is a true money maker!!!

My average is over 5% per month

Thanks! Dave

Andreas Bauer
Andreas Bauer 2018.06.21 16:32 


the EA is quite fantastic, and has brought me some good % growth - thank you Dave!

However, as I read in the comments, there are some people (including me, telling the truth) that are concerned about strong movements of EUR/USD and question themselfes, whether the account could go out of margin some day or not.

As for now, and I have used the EA for 3 months (with few manual interruptions), it has never happened.

But for those, who want to interrupt their EA manually and go the safe way, for ex. switch the EA off for high impact movements (either by chart s/r or unpredictable high impact news),

I have created a forum for Alert of strong EUR/USD movement https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/259466#

Feel free to comment there, so we can make this trading style even more safe and get the best out of it!

Ronald Engelbrecht
Ronald Engelbrecht 2018.06.20 18:01 

Great Ea!

Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon 2018.06.19 14:48 

I have just started with grid hero 1/12/18, I am happy at how easy it was to set up, and use the .set profiles. I will be demoing for 1 month and will give an update once finished!

I have tested many programs, and this is the first one that I can say looks the most solid.

We are going on 5 months, since starting Grid Hero, and i can honestly say. I have not seen such an amazing EA! Very well disciplined coding!

Thanks again Dave for all your hard work and efforts


3K account Below

Link To 3k Account https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Endless_Invest/endless-3k-ei/2226791


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10 Month Update| 60.78% Profit


Real 12K account



2 Month Update | 31.11 % Profit


3 Month Update | 59.42%


4 Month Update | 68.17%


6 Month Update | 85.29% Profit



Big George
Big George 2018.06.16 13:10 

Dear community members:

With all the sincerity that a trader should have towards the other traders, here's my (scientific-I have an MIT educational background) opinion about Grid Hero:

It's merely a tech diamond that one can find randomly in the mud. It's like the people in mine. They keep mining and mining until they see something which worth. They can die in the pits, and they know that. We all should be aware that our capital is at maximum risk whatever trading system we use or we're going to use. FX is a leveraged product, and the REAL structure of its retail market has been done in such a way that the 99.9% of all traders will lose. Period. However, we are miners. We accepted the risk to our business.

Grid Hero is an honest product/service, which adds to our effort in mining for profits. Enough said I recommend it - if my 15 years of live trading the FX market worth something. A major plus to the product itself is the pre-sale and after-sale support of its author. Dave is one of the few that can support what he is selling.

25-5-2018, Update:

After nine days of using it, Grid Hero has paid five times my initial investment to it. I guess I need to send a present to Dave...:)

16-6-2018, Update:

Exactly one month has passed since the day I "plugged in" GH. I use High-Risk settings on a $130ks account. The %performance is about 7.00%...! It is amazing not because of that number but because of the stability which under this performance has been achieved.

22-7-2018, Update:

GH is up 12%. No other comments are needed except than: this is the best grid-trading system I have ever seen. Following the author's settings according to your level of risk acceptance, it is a sure win.

5-8-2018, Update:

Working, myself, on some GH money management modifications in order to avoid this "single bad grid cycle" which may lead to a serious drawdown, I have been discovering the depth of this EA. Being a scientist myself, I am impressed by the author's work on creating a beautiful trading system.

UPDATE: 28-11-2018

Still 5 out of 5 Stars. Grid Hero up 36% in a six months period of use, with HRS on. It is the best out there.

Martin Volk
Martin Volk 2018.06.15 18:52 

Full 5 stars. Best and most stable EA I have ever bought here. Dave is a really nice guy and patiently answers any PM messages. 5 stars well deserved.

Update 6/15. Made tons of cash with GH since I started in March 2018. Best EA out there in my opinion. Stick to the rules Dave set out and enjoy the cash coming in.

Olivier Nomblot
Olivier Nomblot 2018.06.15 18:45 

I am a 30-year trading veteran and have been using the same system successfully since 2008 and after intensive trial (and friends recommendations), I have decided to add this EA in parallel with my system. Questions are answered immediately in clear educated English a great plus. So time to keep up with the Jones and mum s' the word... The EA is a complete system with well thought out strategies. Good job

update 26/4

You can wait a couple of days for the "basket" to complete, but it usually goes the right way! It is hard to find an EA that is complimentary and fully compatible with a well-validated system and runs without interference on the same pair. I only trade EURUSD but like lots of trades. Reconfirming my 5 stars and I rarely write reviews!

update 23 may

Positions can build and you start wondering, but all you need is a bit of patience and you end up positive within 48h. Quite impressive. I m still using it with my robots and see no interference a major plus!

update15 June

I m surprised at the negative reviews. In 6 months, I've never had a stop out ! of course, the trades are contrarian ....that s how it works, just like my system . You just need patience. I am fascinated by the trend determining system, whatever it is ...it is just right. I repeat it is the only EA I use with my own robots ...finally, I trust another EA along with mine and the result is great.

update 27 jun

One stop out when the dollar continued down... but I still have a 95% win rate. My own Renko trend system combined with my main robots (of my design )actually compensated quite well on that move . I can t believe I finally found a system to complement mine so well ...its taken me years. THANKS AGAIN

Al Bundy
Al Bundy 2018.06.15 11:24 


very good, but I don't like averaging because of possible large draw downs ($3000 goes down to equity under $1000) and even $30000 account can be stopped out with medium risk settings. So much nervs I don't own...

Maybe I would like it better with additional hedging grid if trend goes long in wrong direction.

Edit: hedging seems no good alternative.

Maybe too much risk (account stop out) for too small wins ($0.42). But I'm checking if this is right.

Giuseppe Cacisi
Giuseppe Cacisi 2018.06.15 07:31 

Great GH the problem is my deposit too low

Kris Tungkarak
Kris Tungkarak 2018.06.15 03:33 

18-Jan-2018: Very good backtest result. Started live trading on 18-Jan-2018, so far so good. Will keep updating the result.

15-Jun-2018: Still good performance

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2018.06.15 03:30 

Excellent performance in live trading. I back tested this EA thoroughly from 2009 and the results were excellent. As with any grid system, don't be greedy and use a conservative approach and good money management. The ability to perform short scalps as well as recover with a sensible grid algorithm is amazing. A very well coded and robust EA.

Antonio Bueno
Antonio Bueno 2018.06.15 00:34 

Very good result. I started in real account from January 2018. Very profitable and stable.

Bobei Dinu
Bobei Dinu 2018.06.14 23:20 

for the moment my review is completely negative. GH opened multiple positions IN THE WRONG DIRECTION in a strong bearish trend. LOTS of euros loss. This is not a tool to work. Tests on the demo account are quite positive. Real life is completely different universe. HEAR the stories of the ones that got burned by this software.

Josef Aigner
Josef Aigner 2018.06.10 10:54 

Using this geniuous Grid Hero since 17.01.2018. Just can confirm it is trading like on the signal.

Don't get greedy and listen to Daves comments how to use it. I'm using it at two ECN accounts with different settings. One 3k account with the standard-risk-set since January and the other one is a 40k account since May. There i'm using the medium-risk-set.

From 17.01.2018 to 08.06.2018 this EA made exactly 1916,93€ for me! Thank you very much Dave!!! :)

By the way Dave's support is really commendable. He feels responsible for his customers.

RedBull 2018.06.08 23:18 

excellent and stable

Equinix 2018.06.08 17:33 

Dear Dave , thank you very very much , for your genius idea to creat amazing GRID HERO EA, and thank you for all your help and promt answer to my many many questions. Thank you very very much.


Thanks to GH EA ,its makes profit every month any situation. I'm extremely happy with this GREAT and the BEST EA in the market.

And thanks a lot to Dear Dave with his great support and response to all my question and his great guidance.

Thanks a lot for everything.


I have started to read all comments from first, I think its necessary to read all of them due to fully understand the great and massive works that behind this amazing EA and the amazing history of development. I think this great robot is the only one that makes profit in real world. Thank you dear Dave for your genius idea and creation best EA in the world

danielshang 2018.06.04 06:53 


Fame.Ltd 2018.06.03 09:54 

I am round about 30 years in this business, too (like the veteran who gave his comment a bit earlier). Just use the Grid EA for one week but all trades were winners although I do not use a true ECN, yet but I will do so to improve the performance. I will keep you updated.

I do give 5 stars because the reaction time and help of Chock is outstanding and the questions are answered clearly, even the question is discussed, already.

It seems to be a great ea with a perfect service behind !

yuuray 2018.05.30 11:10 

It's been around 2 months since I started using GH.

So far everything is as described. I like the conservative approach of this EA that looks for long-term stability.

Normal days it make very small profits that tempt me to increase the risk to make more profit.

When some high DD happens, it makes more profit but that also reminds me that the best way is to stick with the provided settings.

I believe the ones who made loss with GH are those who got too greedy and did not use the provided set files.

I use conservative, standard and medium risk settings on multiple accounts under Pepperstone edge with CNS VPS (1ms) and I will continue this way

Jun Cao
Jun Cao 2018.05.28 09:34 

我是一位新手,没想到第一次购买EA就遇到了戴夫。我问他的问题应该是在这个社区里面最多的一位了(我都是私发邮件问他)他都是第一时间及时给我答复,他的耐心和认真的态度让我感动!他是一个少有的好人!经过两周的测试我今天入金了,因为测试结果让我非常满意,虽然利润不多但总比亏埙好。Grid Hero和戴夫一样优秀!请大家相信他支持他,一定会在升级完善Grid Hero,让他成为MQL5里面无法超越的EA!!!

sfx1971 2018.05.27 09:33 


GH has paid for itself many times over in its first two months of trading and as long as you don't succumb to greed it will continuously generate a stream of small profits that soon add up. I cannot recommend this EA highly enough and i stand by my original comment when i say that it's the best on the market.

Daves support is top notch, grade A

However, a few words of caution...

** Before you purchase you should really ask yourself if you are comfortable with large open drawdowns and answer that question honestly! If the answer is no then maybe look elsewhere as you will find situations where GH goes into an extensive grid cycle and the open DD will be large - this is the danger point where it becomes tempting to interfere and you'll probably spend hours watching the trade go against you and start to panic. In these situations, my advice is to get away as far as possible from your trading account and go and enjoy life! I only allow myself to check 2 or 3 times a day where my main objective is to check the journal file for errors.

** Always stick to Daves leverage and file recommendations, if you move away from these then beware - don't cry about it if you blow your account!

** Stay away from bucketshop brokers, use a good ECN/STP broker with a low latency VPS and you should be OK

Looking forward to seeing how it continues to trade over the next few months.


A truly reliable money maker. Set and forget, no need to micro-manage or worry.

Outstanding developer who is reactive and helpful

Best EA on the market today

BRADLEY PATRICK 2018.05.27 03:54 

Only made losses on two accounts.

Taffesbroodje 2018.05.24 13:19 

Just set up grid hero, and i must say. Dave's support is phenomenal. looking forward to seeing what this EA will bring.

Will update in a month with results.

PowerFX 2018.05.23 20:47 

I must say it's hard to believe but this Grid EA seems to work very well. I'm always skeptical of Martingale/Grid strategies, but this one breaks the mold!! Good entries combined with a well thought out trade management with minimal risk for a Grid...I've been using it a few months nothing but positive results. Will update after a few more months...

KingMan79GO 2018.05.18 07:30 

I´m from Germany, so please excuse my English. Here is my review:

I use this EA for 4 weeks now in one of my live accounts, a small 2.500 € account. Return/profit in these 4 weeks: 135 €. Usually many small profits are „created“, some few small losses. But I guess one thing is important to know: About 2 weeks ago I asked the developer of the EA if I really need 2.500 € in my account to get these consistent but small profits. Dave told me that you need at least a 2500 $ account for Grid Hero, cause you never know when an extensive grid cycle is required, and therefore enough margin is necessary. In the recent days I experienced in a certain way (not extensive) what he meant by this: about 8 or 9 trades were opened step by step with increasing lot size and about 400 € margin were necessary temporarily. But then, after about 24 hours, all trades were closed at the same time and a profit of 70 € has then been „generated“.

I am relatively new in trading: I started trading about 20 months ago, especially trading the DAX, but also Forex. So I know that it´s not easy to make money with trading, especially not if you try to do this consistently. As far as I can judge this by now (after about 5 weeks) this Grid hero EA makes consistent money with low risk. The EA seems to be programmed in a very cautious, professional and smart way. And it´s a fully automated system: you just let it run on a server, in my case with the recommended basic settings.

Last but not least: Dave´s answers to my questions concerning the EA were extremely fast and very helpful for me. Great support! Thanks very much again, Dave!

So all in all 5 stars in my view.

gzlyb 2018.05.15 18:46 


bud 01
bud 01 2018.05.11 22:36 

Narnia Lantern Waste lamppost time :-)


combination of Grid Hero 9.3 and Veno 3.97, if order has no SL/TP = GH, with = Veno

two extremely good EA's, spend the extra money and house them in as good as possible real world VPS close to broker, I am bouncing a 1&1 XXL box to pepper and tickmill for the above. Water 1 is a demo all else real although only fire 2,3 are live on going since Sunday.

Grid hero will only enter into a trade when the time is right and wont let go until it gets a profit, Veno hits whilst the iron is hot on a move with perfectly placed buy sell stop orders.

Grid hero is natural no1, its Mozart to Veno which is Beethoven :-)

Still looking out for Bach if its out there... although at this time I am happy with the results I have and don't need any higher return.

wishwanto 2018.05.11 13:31 

Hi All,

Like many before me, I have tried multiple EA's and all of them have not been true fire and forget. This is the first I have used that really shows a mature system operating behind the scene. Yesterday, despite the turmoil in EURUSD, the EA still returned a profit.


Blackwind 2018.05.09 15:30 

I definitely recommend the EA. Good performace, profile and support as well. For me 5/5. Well done.

Chee Beng Leong
Chee Beng Leong 2018.05.09 05:05 

First week automate with Grid Hero on real account.

Good EA, the only drawback is the total winning again total losing pips factor is 1.36.

Andy Wang
Andy Wang 2018.05.08 17:45 

I bought this EA by the recommendation of my friend. I am grateful to him. This EA is excellent. I once made a mistake and stopped the connection for a few days. After I found it and consulted to Dave, I just left it to Grid Hero to handle the open positions for me. Finally it ended up with good profit for me. This is the best EA I like in this market.

Werner Middelaer
Werner Middelaer 2018.05.08 09:17 

I have rented the EA in the beginning of last month and today the EA already paid back my small investment. When you rent the EA it is for three months so after my third month I will be in profit without a doubt. My next action will then be to buy the EA because my account grows slowly but steadily.

Dave answered all my questions and is very helpful. So this was easy to give it 5 stars!!!

Guang Chen
Guang Chen 2018.05.07 08:31 

开发者很热心的解答了 我很多问题,并提醒我时区设置问题。我已开始实盘使用。好评!

The developer enthusiastically answered many of my questions and reminded me of time zone setting issues. I have started using it. Praise!


After three months of renting, I have purchased this EA. This is a very good EA, the absolute first place in the grid class.

Morard Kevin
Morard Kevin 2018.05.06 13:34 

Très bon EA, bon résultats

ework 2018.05.04 09:01 

This is a good EA, but I can't give it 5 stars anymore.

I've had quite a few baskets close for a loss the last few days. I must say, this is not the norm, and GH mostly closes in profit, but it has it slips, hence I can't give it 5 stars. Another issue is GH sending signals to open trades (add orders to basket) while the market is closed (during the nightly close at 2200 GMT); I flagged this issue but was ignored.

I think Dave has done a great job with this EA, but there is certainly room for improvement.

CupidAlaska 2018.04.26 14:33 

I am typically not a fan of grid EA's, however I am sticking to the recommended risk settings and so far everything looks stable with low DD and constant profit. Thank you Dave!

jhoenle 2018.04.25 06:55 

Great and fast support, I feel very comfortable with it. A Slow and steady EA, which works great. Keep up this perfect work Dave - THX

tech10ken 2018.04.18 12:14 

Excellent EA. Have had Grid Hero running on a real account for around two months with over 10% profit. Slow and steady profits. Thanks Dave!

vvikya 2018.04.17 02:58 

I have purchased this EA 2 weeks back, I waited to write a review till I get everything setup up and get my first trade in.

The things I like about this EA

1) very Easy Setup *****

2) awesome support, I had issue with setting up the ea on VPS, but Dave guided me to set it up in 4 easy steps (actually they were already in the forum and FAQ but I didn't bother to read it) *****

3) All the information is available on the forum, have to read it though *****

4) live and Demo trading results available ****

5) lastly my account is already up 1% in one day :) *****

Awesome Product Dave and thank you

----Updates 26/07/2018

After almost four months my account is up by 25%. thanks Dave

Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 2018.04.13 20:09 

Très bon EA ! Merci encore c'est une tuerie ! Par contre... comment augmenter la taille des lots de départ..? J'aimerais commencé a 0.02. Mais quand je modifier cela ne marche pas.. Merci beaucoup

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.04.13 19:27 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

oscar.fernandez 2018.04.12 19:23 

Hi, and congratulations for your EA, its awesome!

I only have one question: I wanted the EA to start with a lot size of 0.03 and go increasing by 0.01 each new trade. But since I change that Start lot size, it hasn't copied and trade, but earlier when it had been starting on 0.01 it was running perfect.

Please let me know if i'm missing something.

best regards,

Komajoe 2018.04.12 08:43 

EA works perfect on my live account, also the support is outstanding, quick details answers all the time. Awesome!

Alex_B 2018.04.11 16:56 

Stable EA and the author is very supportive. Excellent job done :-)

Update 31.01.2019: Unfortunatelly Grid Hero has proven that it has weak entry points which just ended in many crashed accoutns of many users here. I think the author should optimize the order entries.

Rating reduced from 5 to 4 stars

Update 14.02.2019: The blown Grid Hero's signal proved that this EA needs to be reworked and the entry points need to be analysed. Rating therefore reduced to 2 stars.

ekoumbaras 2018.04.10 10:58 

An excellent EA with daily profit. Dave is superb and always there for the simplest questions!! well done Dave!

Ghero 2018.04.09 12:00 

After six months rent, I've had an extraordinary Return on investment. This is a real profit maker. I will definitively buy it

gasing 2018.04.06 10:41 

Recommended EA for steady profits. Started running in beginning of April'18 with real account.

Also very thanks to Dave, he is very responsive and support provided is very good. Highly recommended. Will update here again each month if needed.

E J Ong
E J Ong 2018.04.06 10:21 

I’ve used Grid Hero for a month now; it’s not a get-rich-quick EA but it gives stable and consistent profit. The support given by Dave is also top notch

Murtuza Bharmal
Murtuza Bharmal 2018.04.05 17:09 

Excellent Developer, Good Results, A gem on mql5 !!! Quick Support - Straight replies

Ansetrader 2018.03.21 15:43 

Awesome EA. Totally Set'n'Forget. Profitable, safe, with regular incomes and an excellent designer support. Clear and easy instructions of use. Amazing solid "13 years" backtests. To get best results set up correctly the timing of your broker servers. That is the only "dificult" point. Traiding with the EA since early March 2018 and just winning trades with a good profit rate.

I will update my experience with the EA.

Congratulations and a thousand thanks to the author.

TOP-TRADER 2018.03.20 14:35 


lwf353 2018.03.13 10:52   

Hi, how do I zoom in on the next order interval? I mean the order is too intensive.

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2018.03.10 13:03 

Very good EA with stable results in the first month of usage. The results are consistently to several 99,9% Backtest and of course to the accounts of Dave and his information he is posting.

To highlight is the outstanding support of Dave. He is every time very helpful and reply PMs very quickly.

Thumbs up!!!!!! - Updates will follow

noshali 2018.03.01 04:06 

Excellent EA. Support is awesome...not that you need any...this is a true just set it and forget EA. I am greedy and want to make money quick but this is a STABLE EA that makes small profit but consistent profit.


Bought the EA end of Jan. Made 138 pips in Jan and 445 pips in Feb with a PF of 3.10 and 82% win rate. If this isn't the best EA out there then I don't know which one is.

Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2018.02.19 10:03 

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plu100 2018.02.10 15:14 

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Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy 2018.02.09 09:13 

Dave is super responsive.. and the support and advice you get from Dave is priceless!!

thalesampaio 2018.02.08 15:01 

Great EA, I've been using it for a few days now and getting nothing but wins. It will slowly grow your account...

Dave also provides top notch support I definitely recommend it!!!

Shez 2018.02.08 10:09 

I've purchased Grid Hero yesterday. Then ended up setting up VH too through Metatrader instead of my local machine set up as I wanted un-interrupted trade execution.

I've been asking Dave questions back and forth. I must say he is such a patient guy and such a gentleman. He answered all of my questions very promptly and with as much detail as possible.

So far I'm still awaiting for my first trade to execute, after which I'll be able to confirm if my set up was done properly. But on the customer service side of things, Dave is awesome and a real professional.

I hope the GH will be as awesome too, which I'll confirm and provide update after few days/weeks of trading.




GH has started auto trading in my account. I can say this without hesitation that GH is a awesome. You won't regret it buying/renting it. Although the data to base my feedback on is little low but I can see the potential.

It is indeed not a get rich overnight thing, but slow and steady wins the race off course. It takes away typical trading pressure off your mind. 5 stars all the way !!!

Aceman123 2018.02.04 12:00 

Excellent EA, a very flexible grid which survives long BTs. I've stretched it under different conditions and it seems really stable. Of course I wouldn't push the MM to the limit, but even with low balances (around $3k) it is safe and long-term profitable.

Live performance is good so far, in line with BT performance.

I have to praise the author for his incredible support as well, questions are answered promptly within hours.

An easy 5 star for me. Well done!

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.01.26 04:58 

Real trading is just like the backtests,

Long term 15 years Backtest simulations considering real historical spreads, 8 usd commissions per lot and variable 50-350 ms latency slippages (ICM averages) show a 30% Draw Down on equity with a 3000 USD account on default set so you better stick to the minimum required, Balance stability its hard to beat, it has been profitable with my real account on a UTC+2 US DST broker.

Setting broker's timezone is a must (win or fail situation actually), now of course grid trading is risky but this one is highly stable, I believe it's worth the shot.

Importance of the "Enable Close Grid Order Check": https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/20937#!tab=comments&page=181&comment=9543595

trade2winz 2018.01.25 13:21 

Truly impressive. The EA has outperformed my personal trading in a short period of time that I've stopped manual trading.

leok396 2018.01.22 17:03 

I received great support from the developer. The performance looks excellent. Looking forward to making some money in real account.

JKatzer 2018.01.22 14:40 

Outstanding support, continuous surveillance and contributions for the community/followers and frequent optimizations of the EA. Great!

galihyoungest 2018.01.16 13:44 

Cool EA! profitable since early 2018.

fxdn 2017.12.19 06:13 


End of year update:

So it turns out that this is the one and only EA that is making real money for me in 2017.

I have been running this EA on my large account and to date it has made me $22K of profits.

This is by far the largest profit that I have made with EA trading.

This EA truly deserves the top spot!

Author's support is also top notch!


Being in the forex trading industry for over 20 years, I started using this Grid Hero EA since March 2017 and the EA really works. It slowly grinds out profit and it is worth noting that its performance is very stable with very little drawdown. This is by far the best Grid EA I have ever seen through my whole forex trading experience.

tvtirk 2017.07.31 15:19 

установлен на реальном счете просадки низкие прибыль стабильна спасибо автору

Versión 9.8 2018.10.13
- Added a print command to print in journal the Ask/Bid price that each trade is targeted to be closed
- Fixed a bug with the Push Notification with an additional check to see if there are opened orders
- Added a Profit Spike Close feature to close all trades when profit spike reaches an amount (in % of Balance) specified by user
- Lowered the minimum value for Balance Amount Per Start Lot Size Step, Lot Size Plus Step, and Max Grid Lot Size Step to 1
- Added an optional check to retry a Grid order 5 mins after the EA failed to place the grid position
- Added an optional check to force close grid orders if there are any unsuccessful order close
- Added an on-chart button for user to close all opened orders instantly
Versión 9.3 2018.01.15
- Added FIFO option (for FIFO broker)
Versión 9.2 2017.12.27
- Added "Auto Lot Sizing on Fixed Funds" feature
- Added trade exit indication on chart
- Refurbished EA menu for neater layout
Versión 9.1 2017.12.01
- Added "Grid Step" parameter in EA menu
- Added "First Order Pips Profit" parameter in EA menu
- Added "Grid Basket Minimum Pips Profit" parameter in EA menu
Versión 9.0 2017.11.21
- Re-Optimized settings for lower Draw Down and higher Profitability
- New Artificial Instinct Processor (Enabled by default)
- Added new parameter "Enable Artificial Instinct Processor & Modules"
- Added new parameter "Enable Keltner Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable DMI Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable RSI Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable CCI Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable STO Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable PSAR Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable Bollinger Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Enable ENV Module For Artificial Instinct"
- Added new parameter "Close All Orders On Protection Trigger"
- Added new parameter "Stop Trading On Proctection Trigger"
- Added new parameter "Send Notification On Proctection Trigger"
- Added new parameter "Percentage Of Balance To Protect (in %)"
- Added option to display "Pips Needed To Close Grid" in Display Panel
- Added option to display "Pips Needed To Close Grid" in Expert Log tab
- Recommend to use default EA settings
Versión 8.0 2017.09.20
- Newly built-in Price Action Troopers modules for first order entry (enabled by default)
- Added new parameter "Enable Pinbar Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Engulfing Bar Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Full Engulfing Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Marubozu Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Doji Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Morning & Evening Star Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Gap Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Rising Sun & Dark Cloud Troopers"
- Added new parameter "Enable Spinning Top Troopers"
- Recommend to use default EA settings
Versión 7.0 2017.08.29
- Newly built-in Volatility Filter feature for First Order Entry (enabled by default)
- Added new parameter of "Look Back Candles For Volatility" for Volatility Filter
- Added new parameter of "Desired Volatility Range" for Volatility Filter
- Added "Auto Align Friday End Time" option for auto alignment of Friday End Time (if Early Friday Close and Trading Time Filter are enabled)
- Recommend to use default EA settings
Versión 6.0 2017.07.26
- Offers 2 modes of trading time filter to choose from
- Newly built-in "Optimized Trading Time Filter" mode
- Added new parameter "Broker's Winter GMT Offset" (only for "Optimized Trading Time Filter" mode)
- Changed default setting of "Max Lot Size"
- Recommend to use default EA settings
Versión 5.0 2017.06.14
- Added Auto Lot Sizing feature
Versión 4.0 2017.05.31
- Enhanced overall grid algorithm for lower draw down
- Enhanced trend detection with additional trend confluences
- Added function to detect overbought and oversold conditions
- Fixed minor bug on Friday/Saturday close
Versión 3.0 2017.04.28
Grid Hero Version 3 Updates:
- Added a Display Panel to show trading info and news feed on chart
- Fixed a minor bug on Monday delayed trading start time
- Minor restructuring of codes for better efficiency on processing
Versión 2.0 2017.04.04
Grid Hero Version 2.0 Updates:
- Changed default paused trading time before/after news to 120 minutes
- Added option to Close All Trades and Stop Trading. If enabled the EA will immediately close all open trades and stop trading
- Added Push Notification feature. If enabled the EA will send push notifications to your Smart/Mobile devices (iPhone/Android) when trades are opened or closed by Grid Hero
Versión 1.10 2017.03.22
- Corrected default Max Lot Size value to 0.1
- Added option to enable Single Grid Cycle
- Added option to enable Quick Profit Mode All Time
- Added option to select line color for High/Medium/Low Impact News
- Removed Lot Multiply option (not in use)