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Trailing Complex

Trailing Complex is a Stop Loss trailing system that includes 9 components:

  1. Setting SL on the level based on the specified loss percentage of the deposit.
  2. Moving SL to breakeven.
  3. Standard trailing.
  4. PriceChennel based trailing.
  5. Fractals based trailing.
  6. The ATR indicator based trailing.
  7. MA based trailing
  8. Parabolic SAR based trailing
  9. Trailing based on a user drawn trend line.

Any of the components can work alone or in combination with others. System settings allow to work with one symbol and scan and modify all open orders in the terminal.

It can also work with a specific Magic or with all orders.

The system It can be tested in the Strategy Tester.

Note: Trailing based on drawn TrendLine only works on one symbol, on which chart the system is running!


  • AllSymbols - enables modification of orders for all symbols in the terminal.
  • AllMagic - enables modification of orders with any Magic.
  • Magic - the Magic number of the orders to be modified.
  • SL_proc_from_depo - the losing percent of deposit to calculate the level of automatic SL setting.
  • Breakeven_On - enables moving SL to breakeven.
  • Breakeven_pips_start - the distance in pips in the profitable direction from an order open price, after which the breakeven function is enabled.
  • Breakeven_pips_plus - the distance in pips in the profitable direction from an order open price, where breakeven is placed.
  • Trail_Basic_On - enables the standard trailing.
  • Trail_Basic_start - the distance in pips in the profitable direction, after which the standard trailing is enabled.
  • Trail_Basic_pips - the distance in pips, at which the Stop Loss is trailed.
  • Trail_PriceChennel_On - enables Price Channel based trailing.
  • Trail_PriceChennel_TimeFrame - the timeframe of the price channel.
  • Trail_PriceChennel_Period - the period of the price channel in bars.
  • Trail_Fractals_On - enables Fractals based trailing.
  • Trail_Fractals_TimeFrame - the timeframe of the Fractals.
  • Trail_Fractals_delta - teh distance in pips from the Fractals, where SL will be set.
  • Trail_ATR_On - enables ATR based trailing.
  • Trail_ATR_TimeFrame - the timeframe of the ATR indicator.
  • Trail_ATR_period - the ATR period.
  • Trail_ATR_coeff - the multiplier for the ATR value to calculate the distance from the current price to set SL.
  • Trail_MA_On - enables MA based trailing.
  • Trail_MA_TimeFrame - the timeframe of the MA indicator.
  • Trail_MA_Period - the period of the МА indicator.
  • Trail_MA_Metod - the MA method.
  • Trail_MA_Price - the MA price type.
  • Trail_SAR_On - enables SAR based trailing.
  • Trail_SAR_TimeFrame - the timeframe of the SAR indicator.
  • Trail_SAR_step - SAR settings.
  • Trail_SAR_maximum - SAR settings.
  • Trail_Line_On - enables trailing based on the trend line drawn by the user.
  • Trail_Line_NameBuy - the name of the line for BUY orders (the user must rename the line after it has been created).
  • Trail_Line_NameSell - the name of the line for SELL orders (the user must rename the line after it has been created).
  • TP_test - the TP level for the orders opened in the tester.
  • SL_test - teh SL level for the orders opened in the tester.
  • Font_size - the font size for messages.
  • Corner - the window corner where the messages shall appear.
  • iColor - the color of the messages.
2015.06.26 19:50 

Nice EA, it can be further developed in particular in SL (default SL, Hline/trendline as TP/SL) and TP management (partial close or open more positions when certain conditions occur). keep on developing!

Version 2.1 - 2017.04.17
Added buttons for opening orders in the Tester.
Version 1.1 - 2015.03.31
Based on users' feedbacks, ATR ratio is not an integer now, but a double.