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Candlestick Patterns Detector

There are total of 11 bullish candlestick patterns and 11 bearish candlestick pattern and 4 different types of indecision bar.

Bullish formations

  1. Bullish 3 method formation
  2. Bullish Engulfing bar
  3. Bullish Harami
  4. Bullish Separating line
  5. Bullish long lower shadow
  6. Morning star
  7. Morning Doji star
  8. Three white soldiers
  9. Rising window
  10. Piercing line
  11. Tweezer tops (MINOR)

Bearish formations

  1. Bearish 3 method formation
  2. Bearish engulfing
  3. Bearish Harami
  4. Bearish long lower shadow
  5. Bearish Separating Lines
  6. Evening star
  7. Evening Doji star
  8. Three black crows
  9. Falling window
  10. On neck line
  11. Tweezer bottoms (MINIOR)

Indecision formation (4 kinds)

In addition of possibility to filtering patterns in Indicator parameters window the following parameters are available,

  • Bullish Pattern Color: For changing Bullish arrow color
  • Bearish Pattern Color: For changing Bearish arrow color
  • Indecision Pattern Color: For changing Indecision rectangle color
  • Indecision Pattern: For enabling or disabling indecision pattern
  • Gap Size(Points): To define min acceptable gap size in pattern formation
  • SmallTail/Gap Ratio: To define ratio between candle small tail and gap size
  • LongBody/Gap Ratio: To define ratio between long body of candles and gap size in some patterns
  • SmallBody/Gap Ratio: To define ratio between small body of candles and gap size in some pattern formation
  • Show Pattern Info: To display name of detected patten on the chart
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