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King Kong

This indicator works periodically and continuously depends on the numbers only and some complex mathematical equations,

will give you more than wonderful areas for sell and buy and middle line, which is for us the first goal and the second goal it’s other area .

This indicator is easy to deal with and does not repaint itself that it is constant from the beginning of opening the market if it is daily, weekly or monthly

This indicator gives you a very small stop loss for multiple and large Target that may reach 1: 3 or less.

It gives you monthly deals that will not be repeated a lot,

but they are few, but make sure they become a top or bottom

You can test it so you can easily watch it in the past.

It works on all currency It’s great.

Input Parameters

  • Periods to Plot   : 10. " a last 10 periods "
  • Weakly: false or true the function. " This function gives a weakly range " 
  • Monthly: false or true the function. " This function gives a monthly range " 
  • Yearly: false or true the function. " This function gives a Yearly range " 
  • Num Pivots to Ave: 3."This function gives a pivot for Last 3 pivot point".
  • Pivot Average: false or true the function. This function will show an average for "Last 3 pivot point".
  • Alarm : false or true the function. 
  • PredictedPivot : false or true the function.
  • Extreme Support Color: Color of the buy area.
  • Extreme Resistance Color: Color of the sell area.

NB :  If you chose a weakly or another one put the function true for it and false for three others.

How to Trade

No complicated rules just follow 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Entry point

  • Enter a signal if the prices come to buy or sell level 1.
  • Enter a signal if the prices come to buy or sell level 2.

Step 2: Stop Loss

  • Exit buy signal after breakout a buy area.
  • Exit sell signal after breakout a sell area.
     "Breakout mean close not just touch"

Step 3: Set Take Profit

  • Option 1: Take profit on TP1.
  • Option 2: Partial take profit on TP1 and close remaining position on TP2.
  • Option 3: Take profit on opposite signal or riding the trend until it reverses.

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