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Alex Ivanov FX Master

FX Master Expert Advisor opens positions at breakthroughs of support and resistance levels.

The robot trades during both trend and flat movements with no need to adjust parameters.

The EA uses the minimum stop loss (250 points) allowing the efficient use of funds and risk management.

The EA's trades applying the fast settings (Filtration: AUDUSD=8, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD =12, USDCHF = 28) can be found here.

The EA's trades applying slow settings (Filtration: AUDUSD=11, EURUSD, GBPUSD, = 25, USDCAD =15, USDCHF = 28) can be found here.

Trading is performed using 1 lot and a deposit of $20 000.

Other parameters have default values.

Note! Use "Every tick" mode when testing the EA!


  • Fix_Lot – lot size when trading a fixed order volume.
  • Auto_Lot - trade a floating lot.
  • Max_Risk – deposit % to be used by the EA when trading a floating lot.
  • Take_Profit – take profit in points.
  • Stop_Loss – stop loss in points.
  • Indent_Order - distance in points from support/resistance level, at which an order is set.
  • Max_Slip - maximum slippage from the calculated level, at which the EA opens a trade.
  • Min_Range - minimum distance between support and resistance levels, at which the EA is to set new orders.
  • Filtration – minimum number of bars for forming new levels for placing orders. The greater the value, the more important levels the EA selects to perform trades.
  • Max_Spread – maximum spread, at which the EA trades.
  • SL_To_Zero - move a stop loss to a breakeven.
  • SL_To_Zero_Level – value in points when the trading robot moves stop loss to breakeven level.
  • Min_Profit – profit in points, to which a stop loss is moved in case of SL_To_Zero.
  • Use_Trailing_SL – trailing stop loss.
  • Is_Trailing_Virtual - ordinary or virtual trailing.
  • Start_Trailing_Level - value in points, upon reaching which the Expert Advisor performs stop loss trailing.
  • Trailing_Stop – value in points from the current stop loss price after moving a stop loss during trailing.
  • Trailing_Step – profit in points, at which the EA sends a stop loss to a new level during trailing.
  • Stop_On_US_Payrolls – suspend trading before the release of USA Nonfarm Payrolls.
  • US_Payrolls_Hour – time (hour of the day), at which the EA suspends trading before the release of Nonfarm US Payrolls.
  • Stop_On_Weekend – suspend trading before weekends.
  • Fri_Close_Hour, Fri_Close_Min – time (hours and minutes), at which the EA suspends trading on Friday.
  • Use_Delay_On_Monday – disable placing orders at the start of a trading day on Monday.
  • Mon_Open_Hour, Mon_Open_Min – time (hours and minutes), till which the EA does not place orders on Monday.
  • Write_Log – maintain a separate file logging the EA operation.
  • Order_Mark_Color - color of the order marker set by the EA.
  • Send_Push - push notifications.
  • Send_Email - email messages.
  • Magic - identifier for detecting the EA's "own" orders.
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