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Engulf Candle Pattern

Engulfing Candle Pattern Indicator that shows a potential zone for your trades. Often used for Supply/Demand and Support/Resistance Strategies!

Indicator Properties


  • Max Candles: Number of Candles you want to elaborate
    • Use "0" for All the candles in the chart
  • Engulfing Size: Size of the Engulfing Candle
    • Personally i use 2 or 3 for this setting.
    • This setting is based on the size of the engulfing candle, more specifically, shows only engulfing that are bigger X times of the smaller candle (smaller body candle * Value of Engulfing Size)
    • This setting allows the user to filter most of the small engulfing patterns happening in the chart
  • Pips Approximation: Value that helps the software detecting Patterns, keep it really low, 1-2 Pips max
    • I remember that software does NOT calculate AUTOMATICALLY digits of your broker, so set this value accordingly multiplying or dividing by 10

Colors for Bricks

  • Color Bullish Arrow/Zones
  • Color Bearish Arrow/Zones

Enable/Disable Features

  • Enable Zones: Enable drawing for Engulfing zones
  • Enable Arrows: Enable drawing for Arrows Above/Below Engulfing Candles
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Version 1.10 - 2017.10.03
Fixed a problem where Indicator would not show in Tester Mode.