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Renko Chart Live

Actual live calculation of the famous Renko Chart.

NO NEED for offline charts.

This indicator will work on your live charts like a normal indicator would do, everything will be displayed on-screen and you will be able to customize it as much as you want.



  • Max Candles: Number of candles you want to elaborate
    • Use "0" for all the candles in the chart
  • Pips: Size of the renko brick
    • I remember this indicator does not automatically calculates Digits from your broker, so you have to change this value based on it
    • If you see the bricks are too big or small, just multiply this value or divide it by 10, until you find the right view
  • Data Used: Data used to calculate bricks (in next updates, I will add more ways to it, like fractals, ZigZags, HH LL etc.)
    • Close of Candles (only option avaiable now)

Colors for Bricks

  • Color Bullish Bricks
  • Color Bearish Bricks

Enable/Disable Features

  • Enable Main Chart Renko: Displays bricks over the candles fitting the price movements
  • Enable Bottom Chart Renko: Displays the series of rectangles at the bottom of the chart
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Version 1.10 - 2017.10.03
Fixed a problem where Indicator would not show in Tester Mode.