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Three VS 3

ThreeVS3 is a unique and high quality indicator. It is also a effective and understandable trading tool.

The operation concept is on a score basis, which is ranged from -3 to +3.

Thus, you can just according to the score to do the trade easily.

How the Score calculated?

The Score is calculated by 3 set of formulas. Each of them represent Long term, Short term, and entry level respectively.

How to understand the Score?

The Positive sign means favor for long position, and Negative sign means favor for Short Position.

The greatest absolute number is, the strongest trend it is.

How to set up the indicator?

No input required to apply this indicator. What you have to do is simplify put the indicator in the chart.


To reduce unnecessary noise, daily time frame is recommended.

Please note that NO EA or script included.

This is only for assisting you to determine the trend.

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