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The Expert Advisor uses the principle of price rollback with a strong initial move. Does not use Martingale. The EA tries to close losing trades through the profit of previous deals. If there are other open trades on the account or you trade manually, the EA will close these trades once they reach profit. Its operation is more confident when there are two or three more instances working in parallel on other currency pairs. It only works with currency pairs having USD. Timeframe is not important (in the tester should not be larger than M15).


  • LotSize - 0 - automated lot calculation depending on the balance, -1 - closing mode).
  • TrailSize - dynamic stop loss (in points). The EA is used to catch the maximum profit from each deal.
  • Risk - percent of deposit used in trading.
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Version 3.3 2017.05.24
Now the EA can trade any currency pair.
Version 3.0 2017.05.04
Fixed opening of orders during a flat (those are usually unprofitable). Trades are opened primarily during a trend.