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Rocket MT5

This Expert Advisor is designed for use on all currency pairs on any timeframes. Candlestick analysis from different timeframes is used for opening positions. Positions are closed using the automated trailing system or by an opposite signal. The EA does not have input parameters affecting the trading algorithm.

Timeframe: any (candlesticks from M15 to H4 are used)

Currency pair: any (it is recommended to simultaneously use at least 4 major currency pairs).


  • LotSize - lot value parameter. 0 means automated lot calculation depending on the balance value, -1 sets the closure mode (in this mode the EA does not open trades and only manages and closes existing positions).
  • TrailSize - dynamic stop loss in points. The function is used to catch the maximum from each deal.
  • Risk - percent of deposit used for trading (from 1 to 99%). The parameter affects automatic lot calculation (LotSize=0).

Important: If you have 2/4-digit quotes, TrailSize must be reduced by a factor of 10.

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