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The strategy is Based on the calculations of weighted volatility and related items. It uses a trading algorithm based on the price movement for avoidance trend conditions. Volatile market occurs 80% of the time. In this case, it is of great possibility to use the low volatility of EURCHF. When the trend of market, EA will stop work automatically, into the "smart avoidance state". When the market returns volatile, Transaction automatically return to normal! This EA does not use martingale or grid, "data market" is also tradable. In this case, the risk is extremely low.

Parameters (default recommended)

  • ShowLabel=true; status display
  • Lots = 0.1; fixed positions
  • SL = 600; fixed stop loss
  • ActiveTP=200; take profits activated
  • Slippage = 50; slippage
  • Magic = 599; order identification

Trading Conditions

  • Low spread ECN broker recommended,
  • 5 digit quotes, VPS server is good.
  • $3000/account, 0.1 lot... $30000/ account, 1 lot... and so on.


  • this EA is used for EURCHF, 30 minutes time frame.
  • The parameters of this EA does not provide much change options (the balance of risk and profit has been pre-optimized)
  • Before you buy this EA, it is highly recommended that you read the mql5 official website article "How to Test a Trading Robot Before Buying" https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/586
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Version 1.32 2018.06.07
Code optimization and fix some bugs
Version 1.31 2017.03.06
fixed a show bug