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HighVoltageScalpers [HVS] is multipair Expert Advisor using scalping strategies. It's basically trading in the reverse direction of the spike in prices, many times occurs after a news release. When price becomes so overbought or so oversold so quickly, there is a high percentage chance it will reverse after finding its threshold. Anticipating the point, wait for prices to stop and then take the reverse after the frenzy. HVS is designed to do that and has passed the test for 16 currencies in 6 years using 99.9% modelling quality.

General Characteristics:

  • Traded currency pairs : 16
  • Style: Scalper
  • Time Frame: 1 minutes
  • Avg holding time: 5 minutes

Live Monitoring: Signals

Input Setting:

  • Margin_Allow, the margin percentage that will be used to calculate the value of the lot.
  • Fix_Lot, only be used if the value of "Margin_Allow" is "0". A fixed lot value will be open in accordance with the inputted here.
  • Show_Visual, hide / show information on the chart.
  • Spread_Recorder, Considering that HVS urgently need low spreads, this function will helps user to keep an eye on the spread changes.
  • Order_Comment, to add a comment to the order.

The following parameters, all by default is "0", which means allowing HVS to determine automatically.

    • Max_Order, maximum number of orders, the maximal order embedded in the code is 2 orders.
    • Max_Spread, Maximum limit to the spread + commission.
      The maximal value embedded in the code (Point):
    XAUUSD = 30
    EURUSD = 16 GBPUSD = 20
    CADJPY = 20
    USDJPY = 16 EURJPY = 25 GBPJPY = 30 AUDJPY = 20
    USDCAD = 16 EURCAD = 20 GBPCAD = 30 NZDJPY = 20
    AUDUSD = 16 EURAUD = 25 GBPNZD = 50 EURNZD = 40
    • Max_StopLevel, maximum limit to Stop Level, the maximal StopLevel embedded in the code an average is 11 Points.
    • PO_ Distance, the distance of Pending Order place from Current Price.
    • SL_Distance, the distance for Order Stop Loss.
    • TP_Distance, the distance for Order Take Profit.
    • Manage_Orders_Every, limit for time (second) to perform the command.
    • PO_Expire, time in minutes is given to the Pending Order. If Pending Order been open for 1 minutes or more, then HVS will delete it.
    • Order_Expire, time in minutes is given to the Order. If the Order has been open for 333 minutes or more, then HVS will close it.


  • Find low spreads and commission brokers also good execution with minimum slippage.
  • Use default settings for all 16 currencies, nothing needs to be changed, except Lot Setting.
  • Highly Recommended to use VPS (Virtual Private Server) low network latency.

Author: Rahman Daeng Beta, developing trading platforms for over 8 years. In the year 2008 has been active in several forums to share a popular scalper EA named Your_Lucky for free.

jdacunha 2017.06.21 20:44   

Estou a uma semana com o EA instalado, mas não há sinais de negociação.

Gostaria de alguma orientação para fazê-lo funcionar como na descrição.

Panayiotis Philippou
Panayiotis Philippou 2017.06.21 10:28 

EA not trading, no contact from developer despite 2 messages sent... how do i get a refund!!

Yutish Govsky
Yutish Govsky 2016.07.31 12:53 

2016-02-25: It's worth to try. His other past EAs were and are great so HVS will be surely the better result of scalping strategies. I have to find good brokers for this EA :) For now I will try HVS with my basic brokers like pepperstone, axitrader, fxcc with min lot size.

2016-03-28: So far Pepperstone, AxiTrader are doing well. I have removed FXCC since too few trades. I have added Global Prime. Let's see how's HVS going from now with the new feature of NewsFilter!!

2016-04-15: On almost all brokers which I trade with HVS, I can see the great recovering, so far it is now zero profit zero loss, jsut as the signal of Darwinex. It's amazing to see this robot does scalping with XAUUSD.

2016-05-04: Finally my Pepperstone is in profit. I hope to see HVS makes more benefits. It's a great robot but you have to know how to use it.

2016-07-31: Almost all brokers in profit. HVS was doing fine during July, good month.

Version 10.0 2016.03.03
- Changed the Maximum_COST, Max_StopLevel, PO_Distance, TP_Distance, SL_Distance and Trailing_Distance option to percentage of range, the range calculated from the maximum spread ranges on each currencies that are embedded in the code.
- Changed the average spread calculation from 30 to 8 array.
- Improved the signals logic
- Improved the trailing function
- Improved the slippage calculation
- Improved visual design on the chart
- Showed average slippage of symbol on chart
- Showed total average slippage on chart
- Added a button for manual trade execution
- Added visualization for time execution average
- Added visualization for the last 5 bars of PERIOD_D1
- Added visualization for the MTF Candle
- Added visualization of Linear Regression Channel
- Added new currency, GBPAUD and NZDUSD have been optimized
Version 4.3 2016.01.26
CHANGE LOG version 4.3:
- changed Max_Spread option to percent of range from Recommended Max Spread
- widened stoploss
- widened trailing
- added Manually_Control_Risk option
- added Manually_Set_Rollover_Time option (start hour and stop hour)
- added automatic GMT Offset
- added slippage calculation of closed trades
- fixed deletion of pending orders
- added Order_Recorder option