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Forex trading is the "Price movement chaos", but there are some laws, using which you can earn.

The Expert Advisor is designed for opening numerous deals. Depending on the market situation, some orders will have positive result, the rest will be closed with minimal losses.

  • Purpose: automated trading in the Forex market with the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal (MetaQuotes Software Corp.), supports build 604 and higher!
  • Trading strategy: market entry in the direction of a trend or at pullbacks.
  • Type of the Expert Advisor: Aggressive Scalper EA.
  • Algorithm: based on expected payoff whereby it opens multiple opposite positions with partial hedging properties. Positions are closed based on the total profit, separate for each order type.
  • Types of trade accounts: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, with small deposit, recommended type Micro
  • The Expert Advisor is very spread-sensitive - a big spread causes the number of lots and the total number of open positions to increase.
  • Recommended leverage: not less than 1:100, to maximize profit set it to 1:1000 or higher.
  • Recommended minimum deposit: $300 for 0.01 lot, the recommended lot for a deposit of over $3000 is 0.1. For cent accounts the minimum balance is 3000 with lot 0.1.
  • Money Management: Fixed lot with increment option or % of the account balance.  
  • Timeframe: М5 and M15.
  • The EA can be used on any pair.
  • Indicators: standard, built in the Expert Advisor code. 
  • Display of information: trade statistics, main trade settings and Expert Advisor status details are displayed on the left side of the chart.   
  • Installation: the Expert Advisor is installed in a selected folder of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.
  • Trade settings: all parameters have default values.
  • Optimization: based on control points. To maximize profits, it is recommended to perform optimization independently.
laiSSS 2017.03.10 20:30 

Интересная торговая идея, используемая данным советником. Работал с версией 1.31, удавалось три месяца торговать с профитом. На мой взгляд, результативность торговли может в значительной степени зависеть от текущего состояния рынка. Особая благодарность автору за отзывчивость и готовность помочь.

Version 1.35 2017.02.16
Optimized the position opening method.
Version 1.31 2015.10.01
Fixed the signal filter.
Version 1.30 2015.09.22
Position closure optimized.
Filter for position opening added.
Version 1.10 2014.07.28
- Improved algorithm for entering a position.
- Refined mechanism of closing positions.