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Eleni Anna Branou  
Bernandino Vallejo:
How to withdraw my profit...

If you are talking about your trading account's profit, contact your broker.

Eleni Anna Branou  
Hey maybe someone can help me out.

I bought an indicator with PayPal. Payment goes through, it was booked, I've got confirmation mail. 

Now I can't install the indicator, because it's not in my "bought" library. 

Please, please help me! 

Make sure you are logged into your account in MT4/5 >> Tools >> Options >> Community, tab.

If still doesn't work, restart your computer and MT4/5 terminal.

I don't know how to change my user name. Please assist.
Eleni Anna Branou  
Jay Rich NYC:

Greetings Sir/Madame,

Suggestion- Why not add the vps payment options to the market place for purchase rather than deposit and purchase.

Question I have a demo account 1212898. I need the mail for the account # and password to be resent to me. Some how it got deleted. I need the password.


Jerome Doctor

If you mean the account, get it here:

If you mean your trading account password, contact your broker.

Kingsley Okhumoide Idomeh  
My MQID is not working for notifications to my mobile phone. Can anyone help please?