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Forex is the foreign exchange market, where we sell and buy foreign currency. With forex we can get a lot of advantages. To trade, we need to do the analysis first before deciding to buy or sell.

Marco vd Heijden  

I am a newbie here don't know if i am crossing any lines but i have a very basic question in my code the oncalculate function is not being called don't know why can anyone help please

Do you have the code?



Could anyone please help me to find or create an indicator with alert? Alert on finding "closing black Marubozu (no lower wick)" and "closing white marubozu(no upper wick)" only. please...thanx


Hi, here is my Support and Resistance indicator.
It draw a segment line for every support or resistance
It look for every bar which in a customizable neighborhood is the lowest low (support) or the higher high (resistance)
You can control (NBar input parameter) the number of bar in which look for support/resistance
you can control (Neighborhood input parameter) the number of bar for which that support/resistance is untouched.
In other word the number of bar before or after which a bar is considered to be a support/resistance.



Here there is the multi time frame version.

With multi time frame I mean thath it draws support and resistance in the choosen timeframe (OTF = Other Time frame)
For example if you choose on 1 minute chart the Input parameter 5 minut you'll support/resistance of 5 minute chart painted on 1 min chart.

In the below chart you can see that after Neighborhood bars from a min/max the indicator draw the support/resistance line segment.

The figure show the parellel between SupportResistenzeGioMTF.mq5 applied on timeframe 1 min with input parameter OTF=5' Neighborhood=10 NBar=50

and  SupportResistenzeGio.mq5 with input Neighborhood=10 NBar=50 applied on timeframe 5'

Note that a min/max could be classified Support/Resistance only after Neighborhood bars from it!

paralle OTF - normal