MQL5 ReferenceTrade FunctionsHistoryOrderGetTicket 


Return the ticket of a corresponding order in the history. Prior to calling HistoryOrderGetTicket(), first it is necessary to receive the history of deals and orders using the HistorySelect() or HistorySelectByPosition() function.

ulong  HistoryOrderGetTicket(
   int  index      // Number in the list of orders



[in]  Number of the order in the list of orders.

Return Value

Value of the ulong type. If the function fails, 0 is returned.


Do not confuse orders of a trading history with current pending orders that appear on the "Trade" tab of the "Toolbox" bar. The list of orders that were canceled or have led to a transaction, can be viewed in the "History" tab of "Toolbox" of the client terminal.


void OnStart()
   datetime from=0;
   datetime to=TimeCurrent();
//--- request the entire history
//--- variables for returning values from order properties
   ulong    ticket;
   double   open_price;
   double   initial_volume;
   datetime time_setup;
   datetime time_done;
   string   symbol;
   string   type;
   long     order_magic;
   long     positionID;
//--- number of current pending orders
   uint     total=HistoryOrdersTotal();
//--- go through orders in a loop
   for(uint i=0;i<total;i++)
      //--- return order ticket by its position in the list
         //--- return order properties
         open_price    =HistoryOrderGetDouble(ticket,ORDER_PRICE_OPEN);
         time_setup    =(datetime)HistoryOrderGetInteger(ticket,ORDER_TIME_SETUP);
         time_done     =(datetime)HistoryOrderGetInteger(ticket,ORDER_TIME_DONE);
         symbol        =HistoryOrderGetString(ticket,ORDER_SYMBOL);
         order_magic   =HistoryOrderGetInteger(ticket,ORDER_MAGIC);
         positionID    =HistoryOrderGetInteger(ticket,ORDER_POSITION_ID);
         type          =GetOrderType(HistoryOrderGetInteger(ticket,ORDER_TYPE));
         //--- prepare and show information about the order
         printf("#ticket %d %s %G %s at %G was set up at %s => done at %s, pos ID=%d",
                ticket,                  // order ticket
                type,                    // type
                initial_volume,          // placed volume
                symbol,                  // symbol
                open_price,              // specified open price
                TimeToString(time_setup),// time of order placing
                TimeToString(time_done), // time of order execution or deletion
                positionID               // ID of a position , to which the deal of the order is included
//| Returns the string name of the order type                        |
string GetOrderType(long type)
   string str_type="unknown operation";
      case (ORDER_TYPE_BUY):            return("buy");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_SELL):           return("sell");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_BUY_LIMIT):      return("buy limit");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_SELL_LIMIT):     return("sell limit");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_BUY_STOP):       return("buy stop");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_SELL_STOP):      return("sell stop");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_BUY_STOP_LIMIT): return("buy stop limit");
      case (ORDER_TYPE_SELL_STOP_LIMIT):return("sell stop limit");

See also

HistorySelect(), HistoryOrdersTotal(), HistoryOrderSelect(), Order Properties