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MQL5 ReferenceTrade FunctionsHistoryOrderGetInteger 


Returns the requested property of an order. The order property must be of datetime, int type. There are 2 variants of the function.

1. Immediately returns the property value.

long  HistoryOrderGetInteger(
   ulong                        ticket_number,     // Ticket
   ENUM_ORDER_PROPERTY_INTEGER  property_id        // Property identifier

2. Returns true or false, depending on the success of the function. If successful, the value of the property is placed into a target variable passed by reference by the last parameter.

bool  HistoryOrderGetInteger(
   ulong                        ticket_number,     // Ticket
   ENUM_ORDER_PROPERTY_INTEGER  property_id,       // Property identifier
   long&                        long_var           // Here we accept the property value



[in]  Order ticket.


[in]  Identifier of the order property. The value can be one of the values of the ENUM_ORDER_PROPERTY_INTEGER enumeration.


[out]  Variable of the long type that accepts the value of the requested property.

Return Value

Value of the long type.


Do not confuse orders of a trading history with current pending orders that appear on the "Trade" tab of the "Toolbox" bar. The list of orders that were canceled or have led to a transaction, can be viewed in the "History" tab of "Toolbox" of the client terminal.


//| Trade function                                                   |
void OnTrade()
//--- receive the last order's ticket from week's trading history
   ulong last_order=GetLastOrderTicket();
      //--- time of placing an order in milliseconds since 01.01.1970
      long time_setup_msc=HistoryOrderGetInteger(last_order,ORDER_TIME_SETUP_MSC);
      PrintFormat("Order #%d ORDER_TIME_SETUP_MSC=%i64 => %s",
      //--- order execution/cancellation time in milliseconds since 01.01.1970
      long  time_done_msc=HistoryOrderGetInteger(last_order,ORDER_TIME_DONE_MSC);
      PrintFormat("Order #%d ORDER_TIME_DONE_MSC=%i64 => %s",
   else // notify on failure
      PrintFormat("HistoryOrderSelect() failed for #%d. Eror code=%d",
//| Returns the last order ticket in history or -1                   |
ulong GetLastOrderTicket()
//--- request history for the last 7 days
      //--- notify on unsuccessful call and return -1
      Print(__FUNCTION__," HistorySelect() returned false");
      return -1;
   ulong first_order,last_order,orders=HistoryOrdersTotal();
//--- work with orders if there are any
      Print("Orders = ",orders);
      PrintFormat("first_order = %d",first_order);
         PrintFormat("last_order = %d",last_order);
         return last_order;
      return first_order;
//--- no order found, return -1
   return -1;
//| Requests history for the last days and returns false in case of failure  |
bool GetTradeHistory(int days)
//--- set a week period to request trade history
   datetime to=TimeCurrent();
   datetime from=to-days*PeriodSeconds(PERIOD_D1);
//--- make a request and check the result
      Print(__FUNCTION__," HistorySelect=false. Error code=",GetLastError());
      return false;
//--- history received successfully
   return true;

See also

HistorySelect(), HistoryOrdersTotal(), HistoryOrderSelect(), Order Properties

Updated: 2015.12.03