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MQL5 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 5 - 49


This is the largest free source code library for MetaTrader 5 platform programs. Here you can find ready-made Expert Advisors, technical indicators, scripts and libraries. Use the code library when learning MQL5 language and develop your own automated trading applications based on the provided codes.

You can freely download and test published codes, as well as launch them in MetaTrader 5. The library is also available directly from MetaTrader 5 platform and MetaEditor development environment.

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The indicator shows the moment of successive appearance of several unidirectional candles in a row activating alerts and sending email and push notifications

The EA is based on iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicator and analyzes the last six bars.

Closing positions and removing pending orders when reaching a specified profit or loss.

A simple Pivot. No stop loss and take profit are used.

Ozymandias_System indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters

The EA performs initial opening in both directions. Then it tries to pull the remaining side into profit.

Trend envelopes - parabolic weighted MA

DEMA trend

Choppy market index

Impulse System for the price bars

Smooth ATR

Keltner channel - smooth ATR

Volty channel stop - smooth ATR

Smooth ATR trend envelopes of averages

Wilders DMI - averages

Logarithmic Garman Klass volatility

Yang Zhang extension of Garman Klass Volatility

Volty channel stops

Volty channel stops on JMA

QQE of polychromatic momentum

Tim Morris MA

Normalized ATR

ATR adaptive T3

ATR adaptive EMA

Deviation scaled MA

Deviation scaled MA crosses

Deviation scaled MA MACD

Average penetration

Average of median price

ATR adaptive double smoothed EMA

Average penetration histogram

Average Penetration indicator displayed as bars.

Trend direction and force

Trend direction and force - smoothed

Trend direction and force - JMA smoothed

Extended version of Pivot Oscillator.

Very well known iTrend indicator but that uses ADXVMA for calculation.

Very well known iTrend indicator but that uses JMA (Jurik Moving Average) for calculation.

Trend Envelopes indicator that uses ATR for the price change calculation and is adding prices smoothing prior to be used in calculations.