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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL4 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 4 - 76


The largest library features codes of free trading Expert Advisors, technical indicators and scripts. With the available applications you can trade in automated mode and analyze price dynamics. Use the library of codes to learn more about financial market sentiments.

Download free applications, test them and run in your MetaTrader 4. You can access them from the MetaTrader 4 platform and the MetaEditor development environment.

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Indicator Taf.

Indicator T3 Taotra.

Indicator Schaff Trend.

The NRTR indicator lies below the chart at rising trends and lies above the chart at descending trends.

A simple EA that uses 2 indicators AO and RAVI (attached) in its working. NOT OPTIMIZED!!! Good results on EUR/USD - H1.

This EA is based on the statistics with an element of Martingale.

The concept of this EA is to monitor several indicators and trade based on a value returned by those indicators.

Indicator WcciPatterns. See the description at the indicator's code itself.

The indicator determines the patterns of the Woodies CCI trading system.

TS based on the intersection of two MAs filtered by the CCI signals.

МА on the basis of a parabolic regression with Bollinger bands.

The name is self-explanatory. The error that presented in the previous implementations is corrected here.

МТS performs a trading oriented at the panic, publishing of the important economical indexes at the FOREX market.

An adjuvant indicator that is based on the moving averages.

Perry Kaufman's AMA with the double Bollinger bands.

Bollinger bands.

Do you have the need to take the opposite side of a trade? Using manual trading or another EA, EES Hedger can immediately take the opposite position as specified in EA parameters. Instructions: For example, you are trading SAR EA on GBPUSD and SAR

An EA that writes the time of disconnections from the server into a file.

The EA was developed on the basis of the Sidus indicator. It trades on EURUSD H1. Shows good results on the history after optimization. The test was performed on the quotes from and "Alpari" DC.

This expert dertemines the trend at a specific time then it goes in the opposite side

A regular modification of the fractals by B. Williams.

It was written at the request of one trader, it draws the horizontal lines at the level of the last fractal upwards and downwards.

An indicator that colors the bars of the bullish trend with the blue color and the bars of the bearish trend with the red color.

An indicator that is to be placed on the Ichimoku allows to trade both in the trend and in the flat playing mode.

Draws separately Kijun and Tenkan lines with the drawing forward on a specified number of periods.


A simple indicatorless system based on the adding of the position with a decreased lot until the reaching of the necessary profit level.

Indicator Hemnina. It is recomendatory.

Indicator Mindhero.

Indicator Tema_rlh.


The calculation of pi character.

In this issue we will view the strategy called Moving Average Position System developed by the reader of our forum, Andrey. The strategy uses the only one indicator and the combined system of capital management.

The script extracts the list of symbols from the *.set file and saves it as the csv file.

The script swaps out all the symbols available in the Market Watch window into a csv file.

I've tested the EA on EUR/USD M15, it uses stochastic and RSI.

Indicator MA_Gideon2.

Well, the functions of file operations are used in the system library of kernel32.dll. It is this library that we import into the EA. The code is attached.

Indicator RSI_dots.

The EA works with 4 symbols.

It Shows you more than 160 type of Support and Resistance .