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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL4 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 4 - 75

The largest library features codes of free trading Expert Advisors, technical indicators and scripts. With the available applications you can trade in automated mode and analyze price dynamics. Use the library of codes to learn more about financial market sentiments.

Download free applications, test them and run in your MetaTrader 4. You can access them from the MetaTrader 4 platform and the MetaEditor development environment.

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Indicator HiLo Activator Profi

Indicator GannSwings.

Amazing results. A simple EA Same as doubleUp with an improved lot calculation , less loss ratio, and a simpler double down

The Mass Index is intended for detection of trend turns based on changes in the bandwidth between the maximal and the minimal price. If the bandwidth expands, the Mass Index increases, if it narrows, the index decreases.

The indicator is equivalent of one of the oldest classical indicators, ROC. The prices are replaced with volumes in this present indicator.

The indicator Williams' Accumulation/Distribution, W_A/D is the accumulated sum of positive "accumulative" price movements and negative "distributive" ones.

Ultimate oscillator offered by Larry Williams is a weighted average of values of three stochastic indicators defined on a short, medium and long periods.

simple EA Works well on 1Min EURUSD

Indicator Fractal AMA.

Indicator Full Bar w Spread Shadow.

Indicator Elliott Wave

Indicator EMA AngleZero.

Indicator EMA Bands v1

Indicator Pivot Fibs

Indicator RBCI

Indicator Bulls Bears Eyes.

Indiactor Digital CCI Woodies

Indicator CADX

Indicator AFStar.

Indicator AV

Indicator Ask Shadow

Indicator ^Pivot_ResSup

Indicator ^Pivot_PP

Indicator Volume with Custom Moving Average

Advisor MostasHaR15 Pivot.

Advisor LBS V 1.0.

Advosor JK sinkhro. Enough the simple adviser.

Indicator MTF CCI

Indicator Dinapoli.

Indicator 3perekosa

i-Gap indicator.

HVR indicator.

It is NRTR indicator, in which candlesticks are painted in accordance with the mutual positions of Alligator lines.

Center of Gravity is an oscillator developed by John F. Ehlers and presented in his article in Stocks & Commodities magazine (May 2002).

Spearman's Rank Correlation is a non-parametric method used in order to make statistical studies of relations between phenomena. In this case, the factual degree of parallelism between two numeric sequences will be detected.

There are many algorithms of smoothing. This given indicator is for smoothing of standard indicator ADX. The code was translated from Easy Language.

Optimized variant of the indicator DT_ZZ by klot.

Hour indicator.

Adaptosctry indicator. Works with indicator FATL.

Advosor Graal-Crossmuvingi. Uses indicators Momentum and Ma.