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2008.09.29 06:18

V-TBv6 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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V-TBv6.mq4 (8.02 KB)view

Indicator V-TBv6. It draws buy and sell arrows.

Input Parameters:

extern double  WickRatio     =0.5;
extern double  WickPercent   =50;
extern int     JuicePeriod   =7;
extern int JuiceLevelForAlert=5;
extern bool Notify=false;
extern bool UseNew=true;


i_EF_distance i_EF_distance

Indicator i_EF_distance.

Kwan Kwan

Indicator Kwan.

i-BandsPrice.mq4 i-BandsPrice.mq4

On Bollinger Bands grounds

i-BandsWidth.mq4 i-BandsWidth.mq4

On Bollinger Bands grounds