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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

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On Bollinger Bands grounds

Indicator TDI-With Alerts. The description look in a code.

Drag & Drop the script at chart on point where StopLoss should stay. Script will compare desired StopLoss with the current price and determine the type of the order - Buy or Sell. The next step is calculating the volume according Free Margin and the Risk

This Indicator Draws 7 Level Of monthly Fibo With Back Test. Its very power Levels

This indicator calculates and displays the Dollar Index and 2 definable moving averages. Edited 18 September 2015 - updated link to official description and calculation from ICE Futures U.S.

This indicator combines the best traditions of oscillators and indicators for tracking the trend

Pivot_AllLevels Indicator.

The indicator applies Hodrick-Prescott low-frequency filter to predict future prices

Scripts to modify stop loss in buy or sell opened orders on current chart.

The indicator displays the time of the trading session.

SMA constructed on equivoluminal bars.

Close all multi currency open orders and cancel pending orders according to various scenarios. Slippage for open orders is calculated for each currency. Choose only one scenario per visit, the script processes the first menu item selected.

Detrended Synthetic Price (histogram form)

Automatic marking of the chart by the time and the timer.

This Moving Average indicator has digital filter to detect trend and flat states of the market.

The script is the calculator of the simple, complex, nominal and continuously charged percents.

The script selectively clears the chart by the part of the name and/or by the type of the object.

The script opens a BUY order for a specified part of the FreeMargin (second edition).

This Indicator Draws 7 Level Of weekly Fibo With Back Test.

This script is used to modify StopLoss and TakeProfit.

Detrended Synthetic Price (oscillator).

Displays open position: Profit or Loss + Lots Long or Short + Pips or Points

Drop the script on your chart to send a screenshot to twitpic with or without a message

Parabolic SAR on the M1 from all Time Frames

automatically converts M1-data to M5/M15/M30/H1/H4/D1 in a single run

Indicator shows vertical lines at last week bar.

Улучшенные полосы Боллинджера

The indicator of peaks.

The indicator shows the probabilistic reverses.

Qualitative Quantitative Estimation indicator. Uses indicator RSI.

There are some scripts in the zip archive which could be very usefull in intraday trading. With them you can respond on market changes very quickly.

R-Squared indicator.

Customizable Fibonacci Tool scripts to make these tools more informative on chart as per your needs.

yesterday market close european market or NYSE close price

The post-zigzag can count the moving of zigzag line. If see many continuous post on screen, It's will more signal for changing the trend of price.

Wonderful for scalpers

This script opens a pending sell order by just point and drop the script in the place you want.

Indicator shows color lines between two MA crosses

This script will allow you to use the information about the market watch and the client terminal settings. It can be very useful to study the client terminal and market watch options.

Just Close - Parabolic SAR