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Indicator i-Regr H&L. Channel of Regression by High and Low Prices - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2008.10.03 06:36
2014.04.21 14:53

I want to thank the author of the i-Regr indicator for a smashing performance. I place the modification of it.

The green lines are the lines of the regression: the upper one is drawn by the High prices, the lower one - by the Low prices.

This indicator is redrawn with the coming of a new bar.

Linear Regression...

Square Regression....

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Original code:

ZigZagEvgeTrofi ver. 1 ZigZagEvgeTrofi ver. 1

The ZigZag indicator is used.

EA Based on Laptrend and Some Other Indicators EA Based on Laptrend and Some Other Indicators

I created this indicator on the basis of the MQL4 training material. This modified EA is almost from there. All functions are standard, I'm not able to develop something better yet. Only the "heart" of it was modified.

Info Info

Spread, swap, minimum stop limit, price of a point, calculated maximum lot!!!

open_close&stochastic_strategy open_close&stochastic_strategy

The testing data is in the strategy tester.rar file. The EA was tested from 29.09 to 30.09 because the strategy is designed for M1. But unfortunately it works not by the strategy. In some cases it doesn't close when it should and so it goes negative.