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2008.09.27 09:22

Http Client - library for MetaTrader 4

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#import "http51.dll"

string httpGET    (string URL, int  status []);
string httpDELETE (string URL, int  status []);
string httpPUT    (string URL, string RequestBody, int  status []);
string httpPOST   (string URL, string RequestBody, int  status []);
string httpTRACE  (string URL, string RequestBody, int  status []);

string URLEncode(string toCode) {...}
string ArrayEncode(string &array[][]) {...}
void   addParam(string key, string val, string&array[][]) {...}
string hex(int i) {...}


#property copyright "JavaDev"
#property link      ""

#include <http51.mqh>

int start()
   string params [0,2];
   //params[?,0] = Key
   //params[?,1] = Value

   ArrayResize( params, 0); // Flush old data
   int status[1];           // HTTP Status code
   // Setup parameters addParam(Key,Value,paramArray)
   // TODO .... any other parameters

   //create URLEncoded string from parameters array
   string req = ArrayEncode(params);

   //Send Request 
   //string res = httpGET(""+ req, status);
   string res = httpPOST("", req, status);
   Print("HTTP:",status[0]," ", res);

http51.dll req MSVCR71.dll (Runtime Library) in system path or use dll from

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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