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2008.09.19 06:46
2014.04.21 14:53

Expert Advisor Straddle&Trail.

Input Parameters:

extern bool    ShutDown.NOW=False;                 // If true ALL POSITIONS (open and/or pending) will be closed/deleted
                                                   // based on "ShutDown.What" flag below
                                                   // This parameter is the first on the list so the user can access it
                                                   // as quickly as possible.
extern string  sStr00=" 0=Everything               ";
extern string  sStr01=" 1=All Triggered Positions  ";
extern string  sStr02=" 2=Triggered Long           ";
extern string  sStr03=" 3=Triggered Short          ";
extern string  sStr04=" 4=All Pending Positions    ";
extern string  sStr05=" 5=Pending Long             ";
extern string  sStr06=" 6=Pending Short            ";
extern int     ShutDown.What=0;
extern bool    ShutDown.Current.Pair.Only=True;    // If true, ALL trades for CURRENT pair will be shutdown 
                                                   //(no matter what time frame).
                                                   // If False, ALL trades on ALL pairs will be shutdown.
extern string  sStr1="=== POSITION DETAILS ===";
extern double  Lots=1;
extern int     Slippage=10;
extern int     Distance.From.Price=30;             // Initial distance from price for the 2 pending orders.
extern int     StopLoss.Pips=30;                   // Initial stop loss. 
extern int     TakeProfit.Pips=60;                 // Initial take profit.
extern int     Trail.Pips=15;                      // Trail.
extern bool    Trail.Starts.After.BreakEven=true;  // if true trailing will start after a profit of "Move.To.
                                                   //" is made
extern int     Move.To.BreakEven.Lock.pips=1;      // Pips amount to lock once trade is in profit 
                                                   // by the number of pips specified with ""
                                                   // Unused if Trail.Starts.After.BreakEven=False
extern int;        // trades in profit will move to entry price + Move.To.BreakEven.
                                                   //Lock.pips as soon as trade 
                                                   // is at entry price +
                                                   // i.e. Entry price on a long order is @ 1.2100
                                                   // when price reaches 1.2110 (Entry price + "")
                                                   // the ea will lock 1 pip moving sl 
                                                   // at 1.2101 (Entry price+ "Move.To.BreakEven.Lock.pips=1")
extern string  sStr2="=== NEWS EVENT ===";
extern int     Event.Start.Hour=12;                // Event start time = Hour.      Broker's time.
extern int     Event.Start.Minutes=30;             // Event start time = Minutes.   Broker's time.
                                                   // IF YOU WANT TO DISABLE THE "NEWS" FEATURE (the straddle)
                                                   // SET BOTH PARAMETERS TO 0.
extern int     Pre.Event.Entry.Minutes=30;         // Number of minutes before event where the ea will place the straddle.
                                                   // If set to 0, the ea will place the straddle immediately when activated,
                                                   // otherwise xx minutes specified here before above Event start time.
extern int     Stop.Adjusting.Min.Before.Event=2;  // Minutes before the event where the EA will stop adjusting
                                                   // the pending orders. The smallest value is 1 min.
extern bool    Remove.Opposite.Order=True;         // if true, once the 1st of the 2 pending orders is triggered, 
                                                   // the opposite pending one is removed otherwise left as is.
extern bool    Adjust.Pending.Orders=True;         // if true, once the pending orders are placed at
                                                   // "Pre.Event.Start.Minutes" minutes before the event's time, 
                                                   // the ea will try to adjust the orders ONCE EVERY MINUTE until
                                                   // "Stop.Adjusting.Min.Before.Event" minutes before the release where
                                                   // it will stay put. 
extern bool    Place.Straddle.Immediately=False;   // if true, the straddle will be placed immediately once the 
                                                   // expert is activated. This overrides previous 'News Events' 
                                                   // settings for placing the long and short pending orders and 
                                                   // in that case, the positions WILL NOT BE ADJUSTED. 
                                                   // This is to be used as a "quiet" range breakout, for example if we 
                                                   // want to play a "regular" breakout during Asian Session for example
                                                   // or at any other time of the day where the market is rangebound

Test Parameters:

  • Symbol: EURUSD.
  • Period: M5.
  • Model: All ticks.

Test Chart:

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