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The axiom of the Forex market is that any trend will be broken.

The Expert Advisor determines trend direction (the pink line), and calculates levels for opening opposite orders depending on the settings.

The value of Away from the trend line for Deal will be different for each pair and timeframe, depending on the volatility of the trading instrument.

Next orders can be opened with an increased lot (a static lot is used by default).

See the screenshots to understand the idea of the Expert Advisor.

If an order was closed on the current candlestick, no other order can not be opened on the same candlestick. An order can only be opened on the next candlestick, when the level crosses the deal line.


  • Away from the trend line for Deal - the distance from the trend line to the order opening level;
  • Take profit in pips - the number of profit points: once this take profit is reached, all orders will be close;
  • The risk of an order - automatic lot calculation based on the specified percent;
  • Trading lot - if "The risk of an order" = 0, this lot will be used;
  • Lot Modifier - multiplier for further orders;
  • Step - the distance between orders;
  • ShowInfoPanel - show/hide information panel in the left part of the chart;
  • BackColor - the panel background color;
  • TextColor - the text color on the panel;
  • Slippage - allowable slippage value;
  • Magic number - the magic number to identify the EA's orders;
  • Comment to the order - a custom comment;
  • TrendLine color - the color of the trend line;
  • BuyLine color - the line color for the level to open a buy order;
  • SellColor - the line color for the level to open a sell order;

The Expert Advisor is based on the GoldenCoast indicator.

barkungalina 2019.04.14 20:17 

Отличный продукт. Похоже он недооценен. Сейчас обширные тесты будут на реальных аккаунтах. Отпишу в обсуждении по итогам неск. мес.

Danny Espinoza
Danny Espinoza 2018.01.18 21:48 

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Gary Davis
Gary Davis 2017.10.31 17:30 

Tested and now running on live account. Seems safe and consistent profits on EU and GU 15 min.

it has not been more than 2 months and it performing perfectly.

Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2017.10.30 08:06 

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chhunfeng1980 2017.10.12 14:09 

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Denys Koshchavets
Denys Koshchavets 2017.10.03 19:09 

Заслужено пятерка !!! Очень достойный робот . Рекомендую !!!

maithai 2017.09.19 17:50 

geat EA, great assistance from seller - safe, constant profits so far, will update after a month

Version 1.6 2019.04.26
Fixed trend line missing