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This Expert Advisor implements elements of the Martingale system. Orders are opened at a specified distance from the moving average. The Parabolic SAR indicator and certain technical details are used to ensure the most accurate entries.

The EA is highly customizable.

It is recommended for simultaneous use on 4 currency pairs:

  • EURUSD M15;
  • GBPUSD M15;
  • USDJPY M15;
  • USDCAD M15.

Despite good stability, it is advisable to disable the EA operation during the days rich in news releases.


  • Percentage of risk - risk percentage per trade.
  • If Risk = 0, the lot will be - lot size, if Risk=0.
  • Take profit in points - profit in points for closing trades.
  • Points from MA - distance from the moving average.
  • Step between orders - step between orders.
  • Profit in percent - if there are more than 1 orders in the market, all orders are closed at the specified profit percentage.
  • Step of SAR - step of the SAR indicator.
  • Close by MA? - close orders based on moving average.
  • Period of MA - period of the moving average.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread limit.
  • Magic - set your magic number
Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2019.11.05 09:51 

Good EA, Real account working similar as backtest. 4 Stars

Zhuo Hu
Zhuo Hu 2018.04.15 14:13   


aaa6132968 2017.12.19 10:57 


Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2017.10.30 08:05 

hope upgrade this ea, now version will blow up

Great EA, five stars

noodles 2017.09.25 20:08 

so far so good...

Mark Vaines
Mark Vaines 2017.09.12 13:25 

Appears stable 5 for now

Version 2.6 2017.10.31
Reduced the load on the terminal. Optimized the code.
Version 2.5 2017.10.24
Added features:
Setting Stop Loss and Take profit.
Changing the Comment to the opened orders.