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This Expert Advisor works using a grid in the direction of a trend movement with the step between opened positions defined in the settings. The positions are closed by the total take profit.

The Parabolic SAR standard indicator is used to filter order opening, which comes in the MetaTrader 4 package.

The EA has been developed and tested using 99,9% quality of quotes.

Operation of the EA in real time can be viewed in the signals.

The best trading results have been achieved on CHFJPY M15.


  • Manual lot - true, Autolot - false - select true for manual lot, false for autolot.
  • Manual lot - lot size, if manual lot is selected.
  • Max Risk of Autolot - risk per deal, if autolot is selected.
  • Take Profit - take profit level.
  • Distance between orders - the distance between the opened positions.
  • Step of SAR - step of the SAR indicator.
  • Max Step of SAR - the maximum step of the SAR indicator.
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of orders.
  • Magic - magic number.
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