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The Expert Advisor calculates the double/triple divergence of volumes, and starts trading. It uses a unique formula of lot calculation, which greatly improves stability of trading.

Recommended TF - 1h. Currency pair - EURUSD, but the EA can be used on any trading instruments which are not subject to high volatility.


  1. mode - trading direction can be set manually;
  2. close - order close level (details on the screenshot);
  3. Step between orders - step between orders in points;
  4. Maximum orders - maximum number of orders;
  5. First Lot - trading lot for the first order (if Risk = 0);
  6. Or Risk (if Risk 0, not used) risk percent. If set to 0, First Lot will be used.
  7. Magic - magic number for the EA's orders;
  8. Comment to the order - a comment to open orders;
  9. InpBandsPeriod - period setting of the Bands indicator;
  10. InpBandsShift - shift setting of the Bands indicator;
  11. InpBandsDeviations - deviation setting of the Bands indicator.
Albina Alibaeva
Albina Alibaeva 2017.12.18 09:42 

Очень перспективный советник. Отличная поддержка автора.