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Ultimate Gold Grabber

Рекомендуемая пара: Золото (XAU/USD)

Эта стратегия основана на специальных пользовательских индикаторах. Стратегия ждет идеального значения индикаторов для размещения ордера.

Не использует мартингейл или сетку.

Рекомендуемый таймфрейм: M1

Настройки эксперта

Советник работает с фиксированным спредом и ECN счетами.

Советник не открывает позиции ежедневно/еженедельно. Он ожидает идеального времени для открытия позиции.

  • StopLoss - значение стоп-лосса (в пунктах) (рекомендуемое значение от 1500 до 2500 )
  • TakeProfit - значение тейк-профита (в пунктах). Зависит от ограничений вашего брокера. Рекомендуется 50-150 пунктов.
    *** Если ваш брокер предоставляет 7-значные котировки по золоту (редко, но такое бывает), к значениям SL/TP необходимо приписать дополнительный 0 (например: вместо 1500 укажите 15000)
  • BuyRisk - значение риска для ордеров на покупку (Значения: LowBuy, MedBuy, HighBuy)
  • SellRisk - значение риска для ордеров на продажу (Значения: LowSell, MedSell, HighSell)
  • ManualLotSize - размер лота позиций.
  • MagicNumber - магическое число для ордеров советника.
  • Slippage - максимально допустимое проскальзывание.
jinhee Lee
2017.05.18 18:04 


Louis Du Toit
2017.05.09 07:51 

Changed my rating on this from 4 stars to 3 stars.

As for the signal one of my accounts took a big hit. I think there should be trend detection built into the signal and avoidance of trading against severe trends or smaller lot sizes in those conditions or a tight SL in those circumstance. Trading in the direction of the trend I dont mind keeping on my accounts, but will manually close a lot faster now.

My experiences with this EA have been bitter sweet.

Rented for a month and had hardly any trades, but those trades it made were good. Rented for another month and trading picked up and I saw potential. This is one EA with the right settings that I can leave on my account(s) and forget.

There were two instances when massive losses were experienced and the first was partially due to greed I had opened two instances of the product on three accounts MedSell/LowBuy and LowSell/ExtLowBuy the losses were experienced when US bombed Syria which is probably a 1/1000 event which caused gold to skyrocket. Cumulative impact of this first event was a live loss of USD 3000. This behaviour was understood as my backtests had shown every now and then there would be massive drawdowns. The other bit of bad luck experienced was due to adjusting my stoplosses after that event to 500 and again all accounts kicked in double trades with this low SL. Analysing this loss I have in fact changed the SL from 1500 to 2500. This might even have gotten me out of the first loss situation. I have learnt the following:

1) Don't run two instances of this simultaneously. This can result in margin calls particularly if there are other open trades on the account.

2) Run on Low/Extremely low risk settings and set Lotsize value at 20. 28 as suggested in the comments for low risk settings sounds tempting and I am sure great profitability will result but I would rather manage my risk better than make profits.

Mike Geesing
2017.05.03 20:16 

I agree with Odyssee Tremoulis, small profits, big losses, more a kind of gambling.

Odyssee Tremoulis
2017.04.26 10:37 

EA rented for 1 month.

- Just an RSI indicator with different buy/sell levels (High buy/sell:20/80, Medium buy/sell: 16/88 ...)

- Big losses (not only during news!) for small profits - if you don't have a very low commission broker on Gold then, even your profits will turn into losses

- Started with 10,000€ on a demo account and it ends with 6324€ with recommended settings (medium sell medium buy)

- It's hard to admit that the VPS of the owner, where the signal is hosted, was 'under maintenance' during big losses

Hopefully I didn't use it on real account. Francis, you just fall into my list of 'Fake coders'

2017.03.31 18:18 

Fantasic ea!!

kalvin Thompson
2017.01.28 00:16 

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2017.01.27 19:56 

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XhanYchayn Wu
2017.01.27 19:04 


Tao Zhang
2016.10.18 16:44   

good EA

2016.10.14 10:22 

first two trade in profit.good!

Imtiaz Chowdhury
2016.10.13 16:21 

Really well-coded EA, backtests correspond with real trades. Now with the auto-lot settings, it's very automated! Well done!

Версия 3.60 - 2017.01.12
Общая/Глобальная оптимизация/профилактические работы.
Версия 3.25 - 2016.11.11
Оптимизированы настройки риска.
Версия 3.0 - 2016.10.13
-Оптимизированы настройки риска.