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Never Loss

This EA based on Hedging Strategy. This EA never bankrupt your account balance. You can earn 100$ to 1000$ for 1 month (with lower spread 40 pair). Forex Hedging Robot can handle the economic events, trended market or channel market automatically. because the hedging EA is made of multiple forex strategies that it will adopt itself automatically to currency forex market prices and situations. Forex market is really unpredictable that none can 100% asure that where does it gonna move. We can’t even predict this too. But our Forex Hedging system doesn’t even need to predict or analyse the market before entering into market. this forex system will make itself able to work in current market conditions. and it can handle all the market conditions.

Demo testing: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/830180


  • Minimum account balance: 10000.00$
  • Any pair with lower than 1.8 spread. (You can change spread size depend on Settings value.)
  • There are 40 pair with lower spread. 
  • Any timeframe work
  • If you use in Real Account, Metals might be dangerous. So non metal pairs can not increase drawdown. If you use metals then balance must greater than 15k usd.
  • XAUUSD earn at least 90-100$ when range movement very slow. Other 1 pair earn at least 40-50$ for month. So 40 pair earn totally 1,550.00$ for 1 month.
  • Very first position might be open bigger lot size, You should attach EA to one chart, then that first position opened and closed, so next you attach EA to all other pair


  • LowRisk = false; (Customer can change this option when account balance is not enough 10k usd)
  • MaximumSpreadPoint = 18 (Points, If pair has large spread, this EA can not earn profit)
  • Settings      = 1;
  • Option_0   = "Small Hedging size";
  • Option_1   = "Default Hedging size";
  • Option_2   = "Medium Hedging size";
  • Option_3   = "Large Hedging size";
  • Option_4   = "Very Large Hedging size";


  • Fully Automatic
  • 24 Hours Working
  • Handling all market Conditions
  • Work on all major pairs
  • No Martingale System
  • Doesn’t depend on signals
  • Fully independent Strategy
  • Doesn’t need high leverage
  • Doesn’t need manual interruption
  • Doesn’t need to watch account every hour
  • Consistent profit

Working Pairs

  1. Major Pairs
  2. Any pair with lower than 1.8 spread. 

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