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Angry predator

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Angry Predator is a proffessional made EA with a lot of money management options, such as martingale and autolots. Its a trend based expert with standard indicators that are put together.

Monitoring:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/829058 (just started)

All settings are pre-defined for indicators, See screenshots for money management settings. Be careful with martingale setting if you do not know the risks.

Timeframe: H1

Symbol: Created for USDCAD, but works with other currency aswell

Recommended balance: $1000 or more

Minimum balance: $100 (without martinagle and autolots)


  • Every trade is protected with stop-loss
  • Fully customized martingale (on/off and multiplier settings)
  • Customized Autolots
  • Tested with 99.90% data with different spread


Do NOT activate martingale if you dont know the risks involved!


  • Use autolots - Autolot is enabled if set to true
  • Lots per amount in balanceSets 0.01 lots per amount in equity ($500 in equity and valut 100 will give 0.05 lots)
  • Use Martingale - Martingale is enabled if set to true
  • Martingale multiplier - Multiplies lots if a trade is lost
  • Max lots per trade - Set max lots. 
  • Entry lots if autolots false - Fixed lots when autolots = false
  • Entry lots if autolots true - Set correct value depending on minimum lots by broker. 
  • Stop loss - Set stoploss
  • Take profit - Set take profit
  • %K Period - Set K period for stochastic
  • %D Period - Set D period for stochastic
  • Period - Set period for standard deviation
  • Level - Set level for Accelerator oscillator
  • Period - Set another period for standard deviation
  • Magic number - Set the magic number

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Version 1.1 2020.09.13
Added option for startinglots when autolots=true