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EA Modern Deviation Trend Pro MT4

The EA uses a strategy based on strong price deviations, trading is carried out on major currency pairs. For this strategy, the author's indicator "Indicator Maximum Price Deviation" was developed - the algorithm detects deviations in  timeframes: M5 and H1, and if deviations are found, then the advisor opens the first order and then if the price moves in a positive direction, then the adviser opens additional orders on each bar (a total of 9 additional orders are supported).  The EA does not increase the lot for additional orders.

Hidden Stop Loss, Take Profit, Breakeven and Trailing Stop are used.

Use multicurrency testing for 11 currency pairs in MetaTrader 5. Instructions for launching multicurrency testing are shown in the video instruction.

The EA does not use Martingale   and other risky strategies.

Attention! The price of the product will increase as Real Monitoring grows.

Requirements and recommendations

  • The EA is attached to only one chart (any of the working pairs) - all trading on all pairs is carried out from only one chart! In the settings you can enable and disable currencies.
  • The recommended balance minimum (when used on recommended pairs and timeframes) is $ 1500 or $ 15 on a cent account. 
  • Broker Broker with five-digit and three-digit quotes.
  • If you use several advisors on the same account, make sure that all the advisors have different Magic numbers. 
  • EA requires a standard VPS server.

For the EA operation, open "Tools" > "Options" > "Expert Advisors". Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add    https://ec.forexprostools.comhttps://world-time-zone1.com and click OK.

The robot does not require all ticks in history. For quick test, use:

  • Tick simulation methods:
    • M1 OHLC (simulation of 1-minute bars, OHLC prices).
    Pairs and timeframe

    1. EURUSD
    2. GBPUSD
    3. GBPJPY
    4. USDCHF
    5. USDJPY
    6. AUDUSD
    7. GBPAUD
    8. USDCAD
    9. NZDUSD
    10. GBPNZD


    • EURUSD - true, use EURUSD;
    • ...
    • GBPNZD true, use EURJPY;
    • Magic_Start - ID of EA's trades.
    • Magic_Finish - ID of EA's trades.
    • Symbols_Prefix(Suffix)_Name - enter the prefix (suffix) ONLY if the name of the symbols uses a suffix (for example: "m."(".m") if the symbol name is "m.EURUSD"("EURUSD.m"));
    • Custom_Risk - if true, the lot size increases when account balance grows (risk management);
      • User_Balance - user-defined balance;
      • Add_to_User_Balance % - Add to User_Balance for a smooth transition to a new lot.
      • Lot on every - lot size per User_Balance;
      • Fixed_Lot - fixed lot (if Custom_Risk is false);
      • Aggressive_Trade  - if true, the EA will increase the lot adaptively.
      • Order Comment - comments to orders;
      • Slippage - allowed slippage before an order is triggered;
      • Show_Info_Panel - use the information panel (false - faster backtest);
      • Show_additional_panel - use the info panel for profit indicator per each month, for backtest only ;
        • Panel_1;  
        • Panel_2;  
        • OFF_Info_Panel_1_and_2 - off info panel 1,2; 
          • Max Spread - maximum allowed spread;
          • Economic news filter:
            • Select http or https - select Protocol to download economic news;
              • http(s)
              • News_update_every_N_minutes - update news every N minutes.
          • Trading within the week:
            • Monday - trade on Monday;
            • ...
            • Friday - trade on Friday.
          • Time trading within a day:
              • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
              • GMT setting - GMT settings;
                • GMT Auto ( only for real ) - automatic detection of the GMT shift (not for a tester);
                • GMT Mode - manual setting;
                • GMT_mode - GMT offset of the broker server time (0 - disabled);
              • Every_Day_Start - operation start time (hh:mm);
              • Every_Day_End - operation end time (hh:mm).
            • Time to disable on Friday:
              • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
              • Disable_in_Friday - operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).

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            Version 4.16 2020.09.15
            Improved the info panel for the Strategy Tester.